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Full text of "1973 Year's Sermons by Rev. Ralph Charles Link of the United Church of Christ uploaded by Peter-John Parisis"

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• us, looking to ." it- 

er of our fait; , 
him endur , , 



Ralph C. Link, Pastor- 
Trinity Church, Now Bloomfield 9:00 A.M. 
Christ Church, Buncannon 10:30 A. II. 


January 7, 1973 


The Organ Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 63 

•The Call to Worship and Invocation 

The Scripture Luke 22:7-20 

v * r rhe Gloria Patri 

* •^he-NiTTeTre-ereeti Ra^«_24 /\-r^s' L 

■* Anthem (Trinity) S'Ac,^ 

W. The Announcement a 

IS The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

'The Doxology 
_ "T'ha Offering Prayer and Lord's Prayer 
^ The Hymn of Meditation 426 

Meditation "Remember He!" 

The Communion Hymn 341 

♦The Order of Holy Communion Page 32 

The Seraphic Hymn #522 

The Institution of the Lord 1 s Supper 

The Consecration cf the Elements 

The Communion (Please retain the elements 

until all have received them) 

"The prayer of Thanksgiving 

"The Hymn of Response 423 

"The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 

Bihle study on Wed. Jan. 10sh at 7=30 HI. 
This will he of interest to all church 
school teachers. 

Those elected last Sunday were: 
Deaconess - Martha Grenoble 
Deacons - Earl Lesh, Ed G-antt, Paul Hair 
Elders - Joe Darlington, Jr. , Paul Richard 
These people will be installed next Sunday 

This evening at 7" 50 £W "- community tree 
burning will be held in the parking lot of 
the Lutheran Church. There will be a short 
service with carols nnd scripture, followed 
by fellowship in the Parish House. 


This morning wo are installing those elected 

last week. 

De-.coness - Ruth Liddick 

Deacons - Dale Shearer, Russel Kiner 

Elder - George Achenbach 

On Monday evenins all available youth are 
asked to meet at the Otterbein Methodist 
Church, to distribute- bibles in the Dun- 
cannon area. If any adults could cone to 
help supervise or help out, it would also be 
appreciated. They will meet at 6:30 H"L. 

Monday Jan. 

8- H at 7:30 PM the Consistory will 


Tues. Jan. 9th the Heidelbers Class will meet. 

Golden Age will meet here on Thurs. Jan. 11U> 
Ladies please remember to make sandwiches. 

The Women's Guild will meet at the home of 
Mabel Golbach Fri. ■J-.-.n. 12& at 7 = 30 PH. 
Cathy Goober will be the leader. /r 


lember 1 

ion i.editation) 

Text : .- 22:19b, "Do this in remembrance of me." 

few years i , loue y« of us 

care to remember, there was a television pro ntitled, "I Remember 
ima. " The woman who played . Jod, and the pro -ra;.! would 

in with the daughter saying"I remember llama," and then -ksixttsgc ret-Arfr 
fct $m • ie incident ■ lened wor-th remember! 

ime to time our kids will begin to relate incidents 
that have taken place in the earlier years of their lives and they will 
;, iber when we lived uch 

. ' Or when two old school chums get to - after 

b sy will start reminiscing about old times and "Remember ./hen?" 
have many songs written about this theme. "Remember 
, ' ires You," "I Remember You, ' "Heme .•? lood Old 

3, " and so 

:■ the Christian the word r . tve a special 

j, for the; rords of our lord Jesus Christ 

at the .. ie Passover celebrations of Jesus' day, were 

clearly looking Day of the lord, which was the unknown day 
the future, when God would interv ;o the affairs of the world and 
finally redeem His people from bo 

is celebration or meal w fved on low tables around 
which those who ate reclined on cushions, i; 

nquet and all were dress festive white. _■ the blessi , 
first glass of wine opened the . , l to 

,sover '. , rith hitter herbs, di . . rosheth 

and nuts. EsUJCQ. 
"-" 3 lired to e 

in ount of th live. In fact the lamb was aiite oft 

served in this sise and amount at . 'ollowing the meal, each 
person could eat as much more or as little of the lanb as they chos . 

ever the lamb had to . , .■". so dxpffj rl i u ^n^ - 

■xrmrzmi the sise of the group de" ■ the lamh would be. 

Lng the eating of the 1 . 

>1 at tl a designated "Son" of the 
sked the ial question, ! ' - fiifferent from 

ther ni the recital of sons and story of 

the hi of Israel very in . _is 

cc up to c istory of Israel and ended wi 

. . from th /orces. Folio 

, later became a prayer foj to Jerusalem t: 

ceromor _-e over and th i sould continue ally or 
This 3 the format <ttM* took 

when Jesus ate it wit : es. However, what was changed or 

should we say introduced, was the substitution of Jesus' body and 
blood instead of that of an actual lamb. Jesus at thi ] became 
the lamb that was ;he redemption, or the "Passing Over of 

the Lord, " 

tire institution of this Supper, were 
words of anticipation and loo L rward to this meal. He said, 
"I have earnestly desired to e Passover with you before I suffer." 
In other words he was saying, "I have looked forward to this meal with 
you, so that I may explain to you or show to jo- to take 

place. J?or I tell you ifoaii >t eat it until it is fulfilled in 

the kin * God. took a cup, . .-/hen he :iven thanks he 

- , ' 's and divide it ourselves; for I tell you that 
from now on I shall not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom 
od comes. And he to- .. it to the ., < La is ^ 


body whic] r en for you. Do this in remembrance of me* And likewise 
the cup after supper saying, 'This cup ±x which is paured out for you 
is the new covenant of my blood." 

He was explaining to them in all of this that He was about 
to "be the sacrifice for them and the world. He was telling then that 
this meal took on more significance that a any other Passover 
they had mmr celebrated before, he was say' , :, bhis 

for you, and each time from now on when you assemble for this Feast, 

>n you eat the bread, and when you drink the cup of wine, "Remember 


To ±k±s the disciples this meal, and the strange words 
of their Leader must hav - i t mm very kjcsee mysterious ring to it, 

Recall how Peter said, "Ho that cannot happen to you lord. I amdi will 
not let it happen. " He was merely using the words that almost all 
people use at one time or another. If someone had told you about a 
wee. that one of the finest men to ever play major league baseball 
would not play this year, you or I would have said, "Why that's impossible, 
he is still good for another 3 to 5 years at least." Yet today we know 
that Roberto Clemente has passed into eternity. 

Is it any wonder then that Jesus' followers did not actually 
know or care to know for th ;er that He was ; to walk out of that 
room to meet His death. But that is the way of life. We find it hard 
to ' as He said. 

14 the act of Communion itself we find it very difficult 
to put ourselves in the proper spirit or frame of mind. To some people 
it is merely another festive observance of the Church. Why Is it that 
people will coue out for the Communion Service, but cannot make it for 
the other services? To some others it is merely another lovely little 
something that is full of ritual and symbolism and has no real meaning 
for their lives. But to still others it is the opportunity to come 

f€> ..'.: Dable a stained and sinsick individual, and to leave* a.f A 

cleansed and forgiven person. This :'_ ■ lis do in Remembrance of 
, '' should mean. 

I have had all sorts of explanations given to me about 

this Sacn »rdless what the explanation it. mean 

I don't care if It is a happy event and 

in order to keep it happy you order to prevent 

solemnity . ; o do not care for the other ex; /?& 

which that it must assume a completely somber countenance and be 

dragged out endlessly in o: or it to be meaningful. 

It i yous occasion q be me , uiipful 

and happy by a combination of solemnity and joy sprinkled throughout. 

Bu J : _ Lt is a e ..--mce. In trying to have it a£ 

France b - , we often have difficulty in fi ... 

... iaabeth Wardell from Little Silver, New Jersey alwaj 

iblem too, until an event took place in her 1 

all of that once and fo. 

(Illustration oi . ... ell and death of soi:, ... 

' it be to each of U! , , . ly,. 

Take and Drink, this is , this in Remebmrance . " Gome 

now, and join with me in thi CC tembranc '. - 


Ralph C. Link, pr.stor 
Trinity Church", New Bloonfield 9:00 A.M. 
Christ Church, Euncannon 10:30 A.M. 


January 14, 1973 

The Or -on Prelude 

*The Hynn of Praise 1 

•The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison; 

holy Father, we confess that both as 
individuals and as a Church, we have "been 
too much preoccupied with ourselves and too 
little concerned for the welfare of others. 
Thou hast tau-ht us to help to bear the 
burdens of our brethren in Christ ; but often 
we have failed to support the weak, to help 
the needy, and to encourage the disheartened. 
Thou hast commanded us to let our lij^ht 
shine out in the world; but we have failed 
to bear witness to Christ before men, and to 
seek them that are lost. For all our dis- 
obedience, carelessness, and lovelessness, 
we implore thy forgiveness. Cleanse us from 
our sin, in His name we pray. Amen. 
•The Kyrie 
■The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture John 1:35-51 

'The Gloria Patri 
The Anthem (Trinity) 
The Pastoral Prayer 
The Choral Response (Trinity) 
The Announcements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 
^irt-A-'The Doxology 

A>" ^ijhe Offering Prayer and Lord' s Prayer 

/■wTj^he Hymn of Meditation 331 

(1*1**. Vhe sermon "The Call to Service!" 

erf. The Sermon Prayer 
;5^jj, *'fhe Hymn of Response 
'The Benediction 


*Th c Threefold Amen 
*Th; Postlude 

Bi:le Study will be held on Wed. evening 
January 17 to at 7:30 PI1 in Duncannon. 

m "iia morning we are happy to share in the 
^oy of Mr. & Mrs. John Slusser as they 
present their daughter Amy Brooke for 
Christian Baptism. 

Mrs. Carolyn Hagee is in Room 151 of the 
Osteopathic Hospital. 

The Consistory will meet on Tues. evening 
January 161 a t 7=30 PH. 

Women's projects for 1973 (collected Sunday's 
and at our monthly meetings) are: discarded 
eyeglasses — lenses with or without, frames; 
unwanted trading stamps of any kind; used 
postage stamps — with the exception of ordinary 
10 thru 84 USA stamps pre cancelled or meter 
postmarked. Everyone can help, even your 
friends and neighbors. Give the above to 
Virginia Lesh, Esther Kitner or Edna Eogp. 

Next Sunday Jsn. 21st, we will have our 
annual Congregation Meeting- This will take 
place following the Church service. This 
year we will have a buffet lunch and we hope 
all of you will plan to be with us. j=—^ 

This morning we are happy to share in the \ 
joy of Mr. & Mrs. Ered Kissinger as they 
present their caunjiter Leah Marie for 
Christian baptism. Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Lane 
are the sponsors. | 

/fcW^rJ ^ Ji -^ o,- 6~/fj;s. JVw 7?*e J seer 
tf //= vree****' a/' r?#s 7~**£ c^^ &•***? 

: jo the 

, to sing praises to His nane the Lost High; 
steadfast lov _e morn 

ifession:If .ve no sin, we 

sive ourselves, sun truth is not in us. 
us therefore humbly confess our sin t . seek 
His forgiveness t 1 ferist our Savior. 

lor , - . 

, v rcy upc i . 
Christ, have nercy upon us. 
Christ, b_a"v 

rd, have mercy upon us. 
rahce of Pardon: d, >ur 

r, , 

ie- f or. .us, and for ;th 

our sins. To t believe on His na , 
He gives power to be< , Lid 

rth upon . 

!l Td rvice!" 

b; ' 1:39, 46b, seel " ^ 

^- md mother sr) 

s an example of answi of a parent, 

or perhaps we could better describe it as a lesson in obedience. But in 

- it shows us the willingness on the part of the little girl to 
obey a certain command. 

In our Scripture this m< we read of Jesus answer! 
: m of two of John's dissriples with the words, "Gome and see." 
sn in a few short verses later we again read this phrase "come and See" 
but this tin. uttered by Philip in response to a question of dathanial. 

JewishRabbi used the phrase in their teac . -'hey 
would say, "Do you want to know the cffcswer to thi,. ;ion? Do you want to 
know the solution to this problem? 3ome asst and see and we will think 

about it together." When Jesus told the two disciples, "Com- iee", 


he was inviting then to not only come and talk, but to come rid out 

the things that he alone coui them. 

Here is a beautiful little story in these few verses of 

scripture. Picture if you will Jesus walking al 

.," following His ba] ;i by John. 3 j^- 

and John tells b , ood look at that fellow 

'■ ' ■'-"■s edge there, That is "The Lamb of G-od. " Two of 

l sy 
. les of John he 3 and tfc rt to follow Jesus. xltrsKKXXjj 
took this as '' 

aJbaa K l fxi rx k /\ _ itroduction to Jesus. Turni. ?ound Jesus looked at t 

and. th , "Babbi, are you staying?" This was not just 

question of idle curiosity, but one i i you could draw a response 

If he did not do with , he would 

« merely give them a non-c would have returned to 

to be friendl; £o 

^sus answers them, . " le are told 


: i where he was st:, Lng, 

since it; was about 1 

>ut 4- o'cloc . lere is is time is placed 

in the scripture. 1 of John, 

or =rloteed disciple of } is one of b (/ Led 

disciples in thi . easily be b , since 

! is not be - it. It could very 

easily be that John met Jesus that ±ay spring day L - it 4 o'clock, 

and tin ;o state this natter of factly. 

le other Lentified s rother of Simon 

ipture. Lnd him 

very fii bhe next raornii . ixcitedly 

, . " inted to impart this bit of 

re Jews Jews were looking for the brc - to Jesus and immediately 

Jesus I- -ter kn . is awai histor , 

Ltifies him as the son o. , he name - 

Jesus sets out ililee and meets calls him 

to be L . Lple by saying, "Follow . re told is from the 

40 Lda, ndrew and Peter, and evidently he wanted 

riend to new venture and so he seeks him out. 

he finds .el and tells is him of the newt , ;haniel makes the 

.ssic re ,: , >d come out of Nazareth^ ' aid Philip 

ails ords Jesus used the day before, 

■ we have here in this story an invitation to come and 

L see, an invitation to see the .. Lee the words are 


from the lips of t'esus and once from one of his followers to another 

— follower. It is rather ironic th "he life of Jesus the words 

^_ revelation m *A i &- ie shepherds are 

out in the fields and the HGKgsti -S tell them of the birth of Jesus 


when t they say to one another, "Gome let u. 

':hlehem to see this thing that has cor: Is have 

de knov 

tistry he is identified by John 
lao points him out and says, come and see thg lamb of kjqc 

orld. After he ill , ; folio- i±££&Kxx 

«« fe rxvn &ncvrxY ^r&Yttx those who loved hi u ; - tomb and when til 1 it 
empty st by an 1 who tells ..hem, "He is not here, he is risen, 
l re the Lord lay. 

During his life he extender ii on to follow him 
with, "Come to me 3,11 you who labor .eavy laden I .ve 

you rest." And so it is if we are to meet this Jesus of LTasareth we must 
accept his invitation and come to Hi . the call to 3ervice. 

(Illustration of one lawy er failing to tell er of Christ and losi. 
_ he opportunity foreve: . . 

Now here is a case whereby one person lost the chance to 
tell another about Sesus. This is not an isolated case either, for too 
often it happens because the Christian is either unwilling or unable to 
share His Saviour with others. This is what Key 73 is asking of you and 
It ; us to each one share our Caviour with others. It is 

\nd ever ristian regardless of Denomination to '<■ .in- 

volved in witner: .:-ist. ihould be our joy and something 

- should warm MLKjatEzy us to the very core of our bed: , 
of Jesus Christ. Just a few short weeks ago we celebrated the birth of 
this Saviour. Doesn't the very thought of Christmas make us happy and 
lovi jii't the season make us think of happy homes, warm secure 
feelings toward many other people? Doesn'T Ch] L s speak to us of 

.g and love? I think it does, but these thoughts and these feeli 
should not just fade away and disappear never to return until n 
at in. They should remai us each day of the 


; will if we will strive to ■ t Jesus Christ lives in 

our lives. He is j ire to live for Him. 

famous . >ody faced one of the 

. :icult b ;iat anyone could ever : . That is, it was fiifficult 
for him since he was s faced w rs do not 

udienee. This happened in London 
id ■ 
(Illustration of lioody and athiests) 

In all probability ; ill never be involved in a 
situation ■ it it points u; 

over to the lord, even xx w i we a latred a ;ility, 

have succeeded -without the help o . ^o have lod on 
or it 

- , see. " 

iples, but to anyone who has ever 
■ , piob; ice, 

; . Le road nay be hard, - may se 

mm , but I ou« you 

ar_ >u love me as you rill tell others as I told you, 



Ralph C. i.i. ::, Pai 
Christ Church, Dunc.annon 9:00 A.M. 

Trinity Church, New Bloor.field 10:30 A.M. 


February 18, 1973 


The Or "till Prelude 

"The Sywn of Praise 

♦The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

God, we confess to You our previous 
sins aemeabers of Your Church. We have not 
led a life worthy of Your calling; we have 
been overjjrotective of ourselves, and not 
enough concerned for others. We have used 
Your word of truth to accomplish our own 
ends, and not to fulfill Your will. We have 
been noisy when we should have "been silent. 
We have cot obeyed Your Word read and preached 
to us. Father, Head of the Cnurch, cleanse 
us and keep us accountable to You. Through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 
•The Kyri.e 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The; Scripture Jeremiah 7:1-16 

Nark 11:15-19 
"The Gloria Patri 
The An then (Trinity) 
Ehe Pastoral Prayer 
The Choral Response (Trinity) 
The Annouuc orients 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 
•The Doxology 

•The Cfferin:" Prayer and Lord's Prayer 
The Hyran of Meditation 323 

The Sermon "The Right Groove" 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 322 

*T'he Benedict ion 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Fostlude 


Bible Study will be Wednesday evening Feb. 
21st at 7=30 PH in Duncannon. 


Junior and Senior Hiirh will conduct the 
worship service at the Kinkorn Home today 
at 2:00 PM. 

Caroi Shearer and Jonathan Hahn were united 
in Holy MatroMony yc-sterday in the Church. 
We all join in wishing them the very best. 

The Woaens Guild will be making layettes 
and anyone willing to moke one contact 
Clair Steele. 

Mrs. Bertha Dressier is in the Polyclinic 
Hospital, Roos M-307. 

: be 


■ . 
be a host or me your 

counc . . to be a 


] , : ■• , ■ ; . 

inyone w ■ ... ■ io 

to stay over 
the ^eekei' , -t me 

.t in this 
■avor let -. .l-a-i, or ■:■■ -- , ike iiruaaer. 
. pr in EE1 Luth< ran c 

Baylor at 

: , "And It 


The Old Testament reminds us (Jeremiah 32: 
071a; that when Jerusalem was under Babylonian 

If^ln J f re ^ ah ms in P" s °n. he purchased 
a Held in his home town of Anathoth, as a vivid 

3T!£ft °5 hl f, faith that Cod **** future 

^'fh- T r- r th f Instlt "te; and, thus, in spite 
of the deficit, the Institute is rotas ahead 
with a program to remodel and to Safef capital 

improvements on the 6324 Marchand Street House 
necessary to bring it into conformity with Citv 

Sv e for n H 1D S r Wdard ,° f USeabilit >' ** Uveabil- 
IJ?A Ji U nts ! students, and staff: A "rant 
to do this s been received - of that, So™ 
m the June .TOv'SLETlER. 

PALn */v//^y 

: : -, ■> not trust sse deceptive words: 'This is the 

i le of the Lord, t pie of the Lord, the- 

7:9-16, :| - , turder, , 

, cense to Baal, ve not 

, use, which is called by 

, , ' delivered! ' -onl 

'. | 

, I kxxE , 

, kl at first, 

-iness of . d now 

, ■ , oke pe : 

, , you did not r, 

, trust, 

to you , lid to 

• "> ' ' 

i . , -. , 


- - - 7 - C 

3b — **=■" — ™ ' — ■■ — -7% — . . . ^ » . , *«— C> 


, , v/e're not stu< , 


le of the "Lord, the ten] , 

. - ■■ ■ t-^ i i-...Jj°e Br. 

-- ■ =^ . 


, , urder, , 

. ., 

, this house, which is 

, aid say, ' ireredl ' - 

i which , bee 


xxs is asking, "Do . 

•.lerve, , 


i » » i 

. ; irxx>di5fXTfRHy i blesc 

JT^nnririrw-v^YTnryTi'Trt rarg- -Trk^r r-rgrR'srigTf ggtT-wryfefrri . j 

d " = * i > -i» • 

it, to come, 

, , go to my 

, rx dwell ", Ld see w te it 

ess of . id now, because you have ti 

the , says the Lord, :e to y: ;ly you did 

not listen, led you, you di 

:o your , iloh. " 

. i salem is to he destroyed, 
people . e they repent and turn be 

being a pe ordered by God, t to see 

th.:-- , and valued, rly destroyed 

:ad about 18 ailes north of 
Jerusal'"- jply 

we, an in 

temple. But :, ±sl& do we re 

was a prophecy that neve;- contrary. Bxcavatie ried 

on by the Danish Palestine Expedition t ;] Lern site called oeilun, 
have uncovered th it Shiloh. was destroyed about 1 . and apparent- 

ly by the I Lnes at the time when they captured the ark of the cove 
ant fro elites. It is though re still visil 

in Jeremiahs lay. 

sn idea of what u t concern . 

, mst remember that the mess bis delivered duri 

- .ateim who reigned from 609 - -. luld 
.zsyodtssk had heen destroyed about 4-41 years before 
Jerc livered his temple sermon, round ... 

i see that .■;.-■ 

Jer - _ Let to cease interce for 

nd unc m he s; s, " , do not 

P ra I people, , : nd do not 

cec , for I do not . : rs can be closed in other 

i, and a 

lisi intercessions 

. and we cone to .-. 
660 years 

- t he tempi 


^ , /artiirned t 

• ;s o£ "t ; vould not 

« to Ci ... 

, ' Is i , 11 be called yer 

f° r Ions?' '. i den of 

-ords oi , 

» in 

us * 

.It L it J 

d overru 


■ :- 

I 'believe bo our 

£e-j£n i wer to the 

a re, 


, " rot kexkx cr; tr- 

sttty vive id. 

nrvive ; it 
ser , , 

ritualit - 

j.uence . 


you see :e the c lem 

-ead o C try! ato 


the . .. bhe wro 

1 . fcfexXBKfcte -:;: It'i who wi 

.' can try all sor 

, ;oes not bless 

(Illustration of let i: .) 

people have been content to 1 . L is the one who ] 

either reaches 
lness t rod, or it dies. Sod ei leases the 
•ch or He c 

- us ^sc5i±s British preacher of 
the 19th century 1 ^£8:<aggadmTg^-Trfagi r ^ r fe3c=: if 

they had ever read "The riner. " . .. 

it one oJ inations ever put together. - dead men pulli 

: lead men steeri; 1 . But do you know that 

sen a cl 

r." i aately, this can be my 

Let us hear t - /y wjfow ig-y a « Ksx 'dnijg Lord and. hear 

af His pe'- ' -i±±yym ij < n. k, mm l y rginrd-trg-p i a B aa i irra^ -Hrer ry y 

at and steal, ±y .ies, live , 

wo:- ?e, clothing, , its, be 

,.J J f^ then co that is called , ..rid say, are 

you " u - lIc i is i of robbers t 

deeds': today of eacl ^ch 

sanctuary . ed. 

Jig, , le of 

the 1, : of the j-.ord, in order to get us in t. 

in your life an , Let us start 

, ., jLe of t , 

L i the r - 


S ordered by 
runcannon Council of Churches 
Ajril ZO, 1973 12:00-3:00 ■'.M. 

Silent & lluslcal Meditation 11:50 A.;,. 
Arleae BiBSiageX & Betty _>iatoa 


"Thq lavocotion: lilss Dorothy Haailtoo, Duncamioa 

Ucited I.uthodist Church. 
•SgipunsiTi. fading i.o. 726 Luko 1 :65-79 

Hyna 163 'Tie widaigat} and on Olive's Brow 


.:ord or FOTiiivtjr.ioe 

rlio Le3aonj Luke ^3;J2-38 

Tht> Meditation; factor ViggO Suonsaa, Christ 

Lutaraa Church 
The >rayer 
■" no. 334 versus 1 — i* 
Special is Arleue Riasicgcr, Duncannon Church or God 

II I Jt i> Word of Pa i-djn_. 

Tho Lesson: Luke 23:39-43 

The ;,odltaiion: Pastor Harold Hockey, DuEcannou 

Pn-cbyteriar. Church 
Tlit; Prayer 
£ \ * •Hyafl; ~>.o. 347 veras 1 ,3 

, VtT T he- V.'ord of Co.:Jern 

*■ The Lesson: John 19:23-27 

Too Meditation: Pastor Paul sarrish, Buacannon 

Assembly of Ood Church 
fie Praysr ' 

•The Hynas Hoi 512 vernea 1,2 
(Special ay 1,'llllaii Kelly, Qtterbien United i,ethodiat 

IV T he Wordof Loaa l iaesB 

Tho Lesson: littrk 15:39-34 

Thu heditctiom D astor Jielph Link, Duncnr.i.on 
United Church Cf Christ 

The Prayer 
*Tho Ilyaii: .,□. 417 Tesreo 

a 1-4 

glafl Eretajren 

Special by Kjv, & ljrs, Siwon Lehnaii, 
in Christ Church 

V Tim ' ard of Suff ^rl afi 

The Loaca:;: John 19:28-29 

Thu Meditations Pastor Sinau Lcluaan, Itosw^ion 

Brothrun in Clirist 
Tho Prayar 
*Tho Hyciii: iso. 180 vursaa 1,3 


The lord of Victory 

Tho Lesson: Joha 19:30 

The indication: Pastor Druc^ Gearhart, Duncannon 

United ..ethedist ?ari-ish 
The Prayer 
•The ;:jil:ii: Bo. 166 verses 1-3 

Special by Eleanor Guatruu & Daughter, Asbury United 
i.otliodist Church 

VII Tho lord of Co;il.i tu evit 

The Lesson; Luke 23:44-49 

Thu iioditatiou: Pastor Chester ,iiraolf , Dunc&naoa 

Church of God 
The Prayor 
•The Hyun: Ko. 173 Mfera You Thoro' 

The Benediction 
Or^au Postludu 

sad Silent Prayor 

•Coiyresetion Please jtaild 

You arn invited to rooaia for as unny su&uu..ts as your 
tint perulte. Ploasu fan! free to leavu during thu 
■lagiag of a hymn, or at its ead, orf-.ri..c platea 
have been ilr.cod near tho doors; your sifte v,ill support 
thu nork of the Buneanuoii Cou.icil of ChurchuE, 

L cation 1973 


--'■• - -. : 29-34-, 33, "And whe , ,re was 

rkness ;il the . th 

- »ur Jesus cried with a loud voice, . a sabae 

:us we fine 

re was ss over the whole 

- '.• :*o, sux-r 'i" .i 

this rone 1 » It v-obabiii;; .anifestati 

linary, and so the weat 
also unusunl. eculat sr it was an eclipse or just darkness 

sSratociz It is \s if the sun ! 

oa ■. ■'.- le deed that __ just 

f Jerudale. . 

Jesus is a: . 

was involved in a quiet mediiifet: . 

ting the fate 

He surely ^riod of tine. Pe ted 
silent t vviyusl 

; ■■. ssihle He f '. it by silence, were 

But , .lent. 

;uess would be that rift . ;U s 

state Leal ;:>rture kept increasi . 
; Le cress ;ime, a, and 

rtake ssie crucifixi tx>relve 

11 likelihood He - . 23raaaoci±^:±^Emrxx:di±s 

thr , 

su. , , 

Ls flesh. Inside His "bod. 

.use of 
cmTCT±Hing i >leod, re- 

sver. .at was , , 

cried out • . th, "My God, , f 

cut off from t i could no 

re - fa at 

He w jrely repeat! ory 


hour a -3ss2 It is possible 

that Jesus was usd t i fod, for it contains 

manj irities t Jesus . iri kk& .-'; this yer? 

&Ki^affl±3ECEKX±S If . ;s _ 

-~ : Ls ht. 

It reads: , 

far from kKijiijB zxx. , 

, • - lay, but tl t not answer; and by >ut 


But Is , and no man; scorned 1 , espised by 
-ill , t y amke mout , : 

cause t -1; let him deliver hi.:, lot him :escue 
I :, for h iml ' 

I - ', all ray bones are out 

heart is like wax, it is nelted within ny breas : is 

dried up like ierd, ac avea to ; thou 

dost lay me in the dust of 

Tea dogs are round about vildoers encircle . ; 

feet — I can count 
loat over j ;arments , 

r cast lots, " 

Then m to start to si:: raises of ill 

deliver bhe people. ; tell of the ) 

ration, eliver . le yet 

unborn, that I t it," 

Her . , Jesus 


havin j f , "but was merely reiterat L i years bef 

■ , 'That eve lidst of death God was there." 
But there is yet one ©t ility to be c. 

knew that Jesus was God in the flesh, and we know that he was human in 
all t&i ich as ': . : in kis human L . 

T^rfc yarj-Th - iamjM.s rTt t-. k\%i ir But Jesus was en sins of 

all 2. He was s. He was suf f ex-'.. 

the ah , - tortrtire bj bke v a that all of sla t lis. 

i suffer . . very real 

. isn't it possible that in hi: 
ve feel .ng last 
not all iry out in complete despair when they feel tal wei 
s reject D« ; f us at one time or 

>T feel reject- Do we 

cry oTit a _J es even do, "i ■ , >?" 

"-■ we can see t -us was is very Less 
in this si" , this i ■ at He felt Ly rejected 

taken, s " is is enl eulati . Jut ;ever t : 

t, we t Jesus - this situati [ it 

[is very life. Lether the cry of, , , ty hast 
i -, was a cry 

aba , ier it was a cry from His lij 

iers that He was hunan even as t . .-, .11 
real aal. rfaat is it is t . us at t. i ment 

bee:; LI. He accomplish work that 

ever f r, Jesus once said, "I, 

"I he lift is 

, all eyes and th .1 must 

.- centered . . . , '. at 

re repelled by it. $ strai 

looks at that 1, 

, I i . ■ -j suffer t 

;e. I sh sd jcodds. be earth. 

: , , me. " B it 

, .- sins, and He bl t :>r1mred C 

, , , - of utter as 

Llity t " rod, My lod, why did you " ffer fsr ;ib?" 

answer always comes bad , red the ., 

, 1st. 


R-,1;], C, Link, Pastor 
Chri3t Church,' Duncann.ui 9:00 A.M. 
Trinity Church, New Bloo: .field 10:30 A.M. 


April 22, 1973 

Tho Or ;an Prelude 

•The Hyim of Praise 167 

•The Call to Worship and Invocation 

The Scripture — Hark 16 

•The Gloria Patri 

♦The Apostles Creed — Pa-e 2} 

The Anthen (Trinity) 

The Announcenents 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and lord's Prayer 

The Sacrauont of Baptism 

The Hyin of Heditation 165 

The Meditation — "Tragedy To Triunph! " 

Act VII - The Tonb 
The Caiiiunion Hynn 541 

•The Order of Holy Connunion — Pace 32 
•The Seraphic Hyun — #522 
The Institution of the lord's Supper 
The Consecration of the Elenents 
Tho Connunion (Please retain the eleuents 

until all are served) 
•The Prayer of Ihanks^ivin - 
•The HyLin of Response 174 

•The Benediction 
•The Threefold Ansa 
•The Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 



Hercersbur,'; Association Meeting will ho held 
Sunday April 29 u - Anyone desiring to 30 aay 
still do so. 

He join in the happiness of Paul and Bonnie 
Liddick as they brinr; their son Paul to the 
church for Christian Baptisn. 

The lilies have been placed in loving nemory 


Ernan Wolpert by Mrs. Violet Wolpert 

Mrs. Elisabeth Spease by Esther Spoase 

Florence Haas by J. Earl and Erla Haas 

Hr. & Krs. Leroy Ilunper by Mr. & Hra. Dennis 


Mr. Willian Borcherdin-j by Thelna & Bill 


Elnor Holland by George Si Helen Achcnbach 

Mr. & Mrs. LeHue Hess by Mr. & Mrs. Frank 

Ferrer, Sr. 

Mrs. Mary D. Smith by Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey 


Mr. & Mrs. John Achenbach by George & Helen 


Flowers on the altar today arc in loving 
ucnory of departed members of the Kite 

A plant is placed by Mrs. J. Rynkiewicz 
in memory of II. Zula Swartz. 

Please fill out the church survey forns & 
brinn; then back to church next Sunday to 
receive your Key 73 window sticker. If you 
do not do this soneone working on tho survey 
will bo stopping at your house for this 
information. We need several volunteers to 
help with the survey. If you would like to 
help co ntact the Pnfttor. 

<^rtr V/E±o**tr si *•<- is/Jv/2* 



: _ 

surrecti life. , 

Lrit, w 

out ~ ♦ - - jn, __ 

- i 


Act Tdl 

15:6b "He , 

lay we reac as 

of Jerusi . . 

■ Ley 

"i3. It vroi'. taken seve', vy 

- . Led, 

it li ical .'- 11 ie« 

But in . 

Lt, ' ' : 

in their utter curi ■ , 

Jesus, but an angel. ., 

", ' , •-■j." Try to pict" - 

will " ust ha"v . it a 

and wh a n \:z eg. Lew, we 

. I see the eart , 

. r e, tel] "■ friend or relative was 

.■re, we would be really startled. 

the rw ast 

• .reason, 

llj - ~ 8 telling such a 

, i she told et rs, but the; her. 

was stil ' ■ 

sy were wa] 

a country road, su irs, but were not "believed. 

table, belief . 

as ends a story of tr tmrned 

ia we see the plish 

t they have sot »ut t . ;. s the wea , liSI 

Je see the f Jesus tha .eeds 

11] me else. ./e see His abilit; w the will of His Father even 

■estruction as t .. But fi ally at the closi 
; -3 trin sr all. All t 

all - . -11 

carefully planned to pea 
3 -warted. The ire 

, ?isen, He is ere. " 

But even with this 

hie lorious new orrecti- . 

Th ' le, raise t , 

a little feed, ;a -rs. But n , were 

hie to 
believe i . 

, ^raided 
. . fter all i with . 

re un- 


- - 
"_ieve. There have bee e very 

hatieall; ' 

in ;&& 1 , (Illustr f belie.' '. . 

it . ii evidence, it 

iferast bhis of 

; „ (Illu ' . 

lief i ean 

.if e ' , 

xx&Hx - 1* ,1s 

Le Resur 

, He is here. 


bey '" , ■ : to life eternal, to be red. This is 
Jeyful LSter. This raises u \ ti ., , 

1 -*s ^ - c ^ :. Lty 

live H±fc eternally , .is 

ai lief, ibt. 



•ai I ly whe: 

see Him i , re. » 

The Hymn of Mediatation \Q- X /J 

\$F (The Seventh candle ia extinguished) 
The Words of the Courtyard: 

Jeff i And as Peter was below in the courtyard, ene 

of the naids of the high priest cane; and seeing 
Peter warming himself , she looked at him, and said, 
"You were also with the Kazarene Jesus." But he 
denied it saying, 

Ralph i "I neither knew nor understand what you mean 

Jeff: And he went out into the gateway. And the 
maid saw him, and began again to say to the by- 
standers, "This nan is one of them." But again he 
denied it. And after a little while again the by- 
standers said to Peter, "Certainly you are one of 
them; far you are a Galilean." But he began to in- 
voke a curse en himself and to swear, 

Ralph i "I da not know this nan of whom you speak." 

Jeff i And immediately the cock crowed a second time. 
And Peter remembered how Jesus bad said to him, 
"Before the cock crows twice, you will deny me 
three tines." And he broke down and wept, 

£^"(The Eighth candle is extinguished) 

The Hymn of Heditation ("2. 7 fj 
JSfThe ninth candle is extinguished) 

The Uords Before Pilate; 

Jeff: Pilate then called together the chief priests 
and the rulers of the people, and said to them: 

Ralphs Tou brought this man as one who was pervert- 
ing' the peoples and after exaninine him before you, 
behold, I did net find this man guilty of any of 
your charges against him; neither did Herod, for he 
sent him back to us. Behold, nothing deserving 
death has been done by him; I will therefore chast- 
ise him and release him*" 

Jeff i But they all cried out together: "Away with 
this man, and release to us Barabbasl" Barabbas 
was a man who had been thrown into prison for an 
insurrection started in the city, and for murder. 

/ * 
The rrelude 

•Hymn 176 

The Words of "raise: 

Ralph: And then they drew near to Jerusalem, at the 
Mount of Olives, He sent two of His disciples. And 
they went away, and found a colt tied and they un- 
tied it. And they brought the colt to Jesus and 
threw their clothes on it; and He sat upon it. And 
many spread their clothes on the road, and others 
spread leafy branohes which they had cut from the 
i fields. And those who went before and these who 
followed cried out: 

Jeff: "Hesanna! Blessed be He who comes in the name 
of the Lord! Blessed be the kingdom of our father 
David that is coning. Hosanna in the highest!" 

Hymn of 4c£ttmph fig, M . ..(-/Ji ') 

(The candles are lit from the Christ candle) 

The Invocation] 

Jeff: Almighty Sod, our Father, help us to be mind- 
ful of those events that occurred in the life ef 
Jesus during that last week in Jerusalem. As we 
hecoae aware of the manner in which the disciples, 
the members of the crowd, and others failed Bin, we 
pray that Tou will quicken our hearts that we might 
net be guilty of the same sins today. Forgive ua 
for those occasions when we have failed to exert a 
strong witness for you, and so guide through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Amen. 

The Words in the Temple: 

Halph: And He entered the teaple and began to drive 
out those who sold and those who bought in the tempi* 
And He taught and said to them: 

Jeff: "Is it not written, ';:y house shall be called 
a house of prayer far all nations? But you have 
made it a den of robbers.'" 

Ralph: And the chief priests and scribes heard it 
and sought a way to destroy Him; for they feared 
Him, because all the multitude was astonished at His 
teaching. Then a voice came from heaven. The crowd 
standing by heard it and said that it had thundered' 
>sus answered: 


Jeff: "This voice ha& come for your sake, not for 
mine, How shall the ruler of this world be cast 
out; and 1, when 1 am lifted up from the earth will 
draw all men to myself." 

Ralph) He said this to show what death He was to 
die. The crowd answered Hlmt 

Jeff i "We have heard from the law that the Christ 
remains forever. How can you say that the Son of 
man must be lifted up? who is the Sen of man?" 

gajllk: 'Jhe lii^ht is with you a little longer. 

alk while you have the ii.jht, lest the darkness 
overtake you; he who walks in the darkness does net 
knew where he goes. While you have the licjht, be- 
lieve in the light, that you may become sons *£ 

iffift (The first candle is extinguished) 

The Words In The Upper Rood: 

Jeffs (Matthew 26:20-2B) 
fi{&f*{'?he second candle is extinguished) 

The Hymn of Meditation £S^) Q-S^J 

*5&f (The Third Candle is Extinguished) 
The Words In The Gardens 
Ralphi (iiatthew 26:J0-31, 56-46) 

3^ir^(The fourth candle is extinguished) 
''The Hyan of Meditation /V/" Q*& s ^^) 
(The fifth candle is extinguished) 

The Words of The Trial: 

Jeff: And they led Jesus to the high priest} and 
all the chief priests and the eldero and the 
scribes were assembled. And some stood up and 
bore false witness against Elm saying: 

Ralph: "We heard Him say, 'I will destroy this 
temple that is made with hands, and in three days 
I will build another, not made with hands.*" 

Teff s Yet not even so did their testimony agree. 


Jeff: And the high priest r.tood up in the midst " 

Ralph: "Have you no answer to make? What is it 
that these men testify against you?" 

Jeff: But He was silent and made no answer. Again 
the high priest asked Him, 

Ralph: "Are youths Christ the Con of the Blessed?" 

Jeff: And Jesus said, "I am; and you will see the 
.on of man sitting at the right hand of Fomer, and 
coming with the clouds of heaven. " And the high 
priest tore his mantle and said, 

Ralphi "Why do we still need witnesses? Tou have 
heard his blasphemy. What is your decision?" 

Jeff: And they all condemned him as deserving 
death. And as soon as it was morning the chief 
priests, with the elders and scribes, and the whole 
council held a. consultation; and they bound Jesus 
and led him away and delivered him to Pilate, And 
Pilate asked him, 

Ralph: "Are you the Sing of the Jews?" 

Jeff: And he answered him, 

i-alpki "Tou have said so." 

Jeff: And the chief priests accused him of many 
things. And Pilate again asked him, 

Ralph: "Have you no answer to make? See how many 
charges they bring against y*u. " 

Jeff: But Jesus riade no further answer so that 
Pilate wondered. And when he learned that he be- 
longed to Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him over ta 
Herod, who was himself in Jerusalem at that time. 
When Herod saw Jesus, he was very glad, for he had 
long desired to see him, because he had heard about 
him, and he was hoping to see some sign done by him. 
fio he questioned him at gaaatlength; but he made no 
answer. The chief priests and the scribes stood by, 
vehemently accusing him. And Herod with his soldiers 
treated him with contempt and mocked him; then, 
arraying him in georgeous apparel, he sent him baek 
to Pilate. 

„1ien Jesus saw-ii.j mother, and the disciple ' ' 

.,1ien Jesus saw*_h±ij mother, and the disciple 
j ./,v <* he loved standing i-^<r, he said to his not her, 
Vwn, behold tout son I" Then he said to the 
jJLsclple, "Behold, jour notherl" Ant from that 
hour the disciple took her to his own hone. 
After this Jesus, knowing that all was now finished, 
said (to fulfill the scripture), "1 thirst." A 
bowl full of vinegar stood there ; so they put a 
sponge full of vinegar on hyssop and held it to 
his south. When Jesus had received the vinegar, 
he said, "It is finished.' 

Ralph: How from the sixth hour there was darkness 
over all the land until the ninth hour. And about 
the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, 

Jeff: "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" 

Ralph: Then Jesus erring with a loud voice, said, 

Jeff: "Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit I" 

Ralph: And having Bald this he breathed his last. 

And behold, the curtain of the temple was 

torn In two from top to bottonj and the earth 
shook, and the rocks were split; the tombs also 
were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had 
fallen asleep were raised, and coming out of the 
tombs after his resurrection they went igto the 
holy city and appeared to many. When the centurien 
and those who were with him, keeping watch ever 
Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, 
they were filled with awa, and said, "Truly this 
was the L'.on of God I" 


1 (The Twelfth candle is extinguished) 

The Sole: Were Xou There When They Crucified 
I1y Lord. 

fpfr The CHRIST candle is Extinguished 

The Silent Departure 

Jeff (continued) 

Pilate addressed them once mere, desiring t« 
release Jesuo; but they shouted out: "Crucify Hi«, 
crucify Himj" 

Ralphs "Why, what evil has he done? I have found 
la Mm no crime deserving of death) I will there- 
fare chastise him and release him. " 
Jeff: But they were urgent, demanding with loud 
cries that he should be crucified! "Crucify Hlml 
Crucify Him, " they shouted. And their voices 
prevailed, So Pilate save sentence that their 
demand should be granted* 

0*^ (The Tenth candle is extinguished) 
The Hymn 161 

j^^CThe Eleventh candle is extinguished) 
The Words On The Cross: 

Ralph! And when they came to the place which is 
called The Skull, there they crucified hia, and 
the criminals, one on the right and one on the 
left. And Jesus said, 

Jeff! "Father, forgive them; for they knew not 
what they do*" 

ttalph: And they cast lots to divide his garments. 
Bne of the crininals who were hanged railed at hin 

Jeff i "Are you not the Christ? Save yourself and 

Ralph: But the other rebuked him, saying, "D« yeu 
not fear God, 3ince you are under the same sen- 
tence of condemnation? And we indeed justly; for 
we are receiving the due reward of our deeds; but 
this man has done nothing wrong." And he said, 
"Jesus, remember mo when you come in your kingly 
power." And he said to him, 
Jeff: "Truly, I say to you, today you will be 
with me in Paradise." 

Maunday Thursday — April 19, 1<J7J — 7:jo PM 


This service is am adaptation of the ancient 
Tonebrae service, dating fron the Sib century. 
It is a service of worship that noves fron 
light to darkness, with the fading light sym- 
bolizing the fading loyalty of the disciples 
and friends of Jesus. This is a service of 
solemnity and silence. The congregation is 
asked to neditate after the scripture portions 
while the hynn is being played. These hymns 
are not to be sung. Only the hynns narked 
will bo sung. There will bo no offering, hut 
if you care to give, you nay place it in the 
off-ring plate in the rear of the sanctuary. 
You are requested to leave the sanctuary in 
silence, and to greet or talk to your friends 

The Prelude 

•The Hynn 175 

The Uords of Praise 

The Iludit.r-tiun Hynn 

The Candle Lighting 

The Invocation 

The Words in the Temple 

(The First candle is extinguished) 
The Words in the Upper Boon 

(The Second candle is extinguished) 
The Meditation Hynn 

(The Third candle is extinguished) 
The Words in the Garden 

(The Fourth candle ia extinguished) 
*Tho Hyian 245 

(The Fifth candle Is extinguished) 
The Words of the Trial 

(Tho Sixth candle is extinguished) 

The Meditation Hynn 

(The Seventh candle is extinguished) 
The Words in the Courtyard 

(The Eight candle is extinguished) 
The Meditation Hynn 

(Tho Ninth candle is extinguished) 
The Words before Pilate 

(The Tenth candle is extinguished) 
♦The Hynn isi 

(The Eleventh candle is extinguished) 
The Words en the Cross 

(The Twelfth candle is extinguished) 
The Solo: "Were You There When They Crucified 

My Lord? 
The CHRIST candle is extinguished 
The Silent Departure 

We thank Jeff Snith; Carol Rissinger and 
Kary Louise Dowdrick for their assistance 
in this service. 

You are cordially invited to share the joy of 
Easter with us on Sunday norning. 


R-.1- -. C. Link, Pact >r 
OJirist Church," Du:w aim on 9:00 A.M. 

Trinity Church, Hew Bluo. -field 10:30 A.M. 


pril 29, 1975 

The Or ran Prelude 

•The H-'. ui of Praise 177 

•The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Gracious Father, whose riercy la hi -her 
than the heavens, wider than our wanderinrs, 
and deeper than all sin; receive bach unto 
yourself your bewildered and broken children. 
For -ive our folly and excess, our coldness 
to hunan sorrows, our envy of those who 
prosper and are at ease, our passion for the 
thin. ^a of the r.onent. So change our hearts 

i" turn all our desires unto yourself, that 
we nay love what you approve, and do what 
you connand. Anen. 
•The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture John 20:19-51 

•The Gloria Patri 

The Anthen (Trinity) 

The Pastoral Prayer 

The Choral Response (Trinity) 

The Announceuents 

The Deceiving of Tithes and Offerings 

"The Doxolo'-y 

"The Offering Prayer and Lord's Prayer 

The Hynn of Meditation 180 

The Seruon "Written Proof!" 

The Sernon Prayer 

•The Hyim of Response 1?6 

"The Benediction 

•The Threefold Anen 

•The Postlude 


Mercersbur;"; Association. Meetin; today. 

Bible study will be held on Wednesday May 2 
at ?:30 PM at the church in Duncarmon. 

Hext Sunday the tine of worship will change. 
New Bloonfield 9:00 AM; Duncannon 10:50 AH. 
i ■ . it 


Woden's Guild will have the service at 
Kinkora May 6th at 2:00 PH. 

Mother & Daughter Banquet Friday May 11th 
at 6:30 PM. This will be a covered dish 

There is a container ia the back of the 
church for anyone who wants to help with 
the project of sponsoring a needy child. 


The gpring Rally of the WCTU will be held 
in our church this evening at 7: JO PH. 

Teen Challenge will be at Keboch Church at 
6:50 PII tonight. Youth and parents and 
others are invited. 

Please turn in the church survey forns in 
exchange for the Key 73 window sticker. 
We still need several volunteers to help with 
the survey. If you would like to help 
contact the Pastor. 

The women of the church will neet on May 
3rd at 7:50 P.M. 

: :: . b 

Ives. , 

. " . 

Ln , 


: . 

i -■ 

:31, "T bel: 1 the 

1st, t , ;hat bel . ve 

life in kis na a." 

.s, "seel believi 

But rather b 1 
, let .:i tell: 

, r it is liere t 
- ; . _ L rs write f , 

■■ . , writt 

:~:j believe t '..j tl-j J'-.'.ri.t.t. til .o ..j>,i. .i. j . . . .-.•.'. t": a 1 

belij rvi l j v . life J2i His na.. .e." jj. •_ le .; .. " .. i ■.;...' t it? 


, . , . trk 

- is, but by 

unt "fey : view. 


ion of Jesus t 
- fr " LeaL t 

, It, : 

written ^ r -> f. 

;o i - >ry, bee 

i. Aa , r 

, TO 

JO real •. , , rust rer 

~ i LI; 1 . L .tists 

! ; Jesuc ii4« 


>ur live . 

i-ves of as try. ; 
account . bell- 

fcs. .. ive is 


• "■ "'-'- cal 

like, and the t 

of- fcki . it to be .gy^ s.--.ln tj tahe ~e.- 

i Lord. y i. : Is. not to ,.; ivf- i -i^m ^tj on 

b ut to ,.,'ive lige . '-?ac t) d. .-v; ti^it thi' : in v^dy ccul" -_ ea': 

.d, live a£ .er 

til? i. e , ; i a lief 1 ; L Lual 

1 lif e. 
If t excerpts fro dillfully 

i s very 1 . it very 

£ > ::: d 

■■ 1~- -j-^1, -iii '. ■ , l.^d. " carrie ■ until 

lie states, dwelt 'is, full of jrace 

a_.d truth; we nave beheld his ...lory. n :l j ry as ci . fro.', 

... ■ .s is just the start of J ' it very 

Jesus ; . , and t 

er, Je : wers, 'H as seei 

d lie testi lucceedi :c/ f fat!at± writte: 

is letters Ls, bhe beginni 

, -■ ■■jn yif' .nr :>v/n ey es . ... d b 

w o have seen on 1 doarl we • r-oelai ; al:.;o to y -u, so that you .".ay 
"oil ■•■■"■din -/it-h us. " (I . ! :l-3)« 

_ - tkat it 1 

a belie.' 

pel, and yet ma 

;.;--:- gn_ I br ieve :r.:>- . id Jesue 

'. ;ve, " (6:36) an later 

r U1I1.J - 

, r 71I ;.l\ ont I _ca ..e lit.; £Jsa: v; irld, tliat t'.j.-.a 

•.■•.'■7 .--ee. rj-.I t..;it t/.j3a w i^ ,;ee will beoa:e blind. " (9:39) , 

;r 1 life." (6:40), 

;er "^^; reds a*€ 

^^^ . |ft bsliev . . 

id, -less I can ^pr: ~ :: . .Uc 

- of ... , 

_ ;1_1 . . :. vi ^Leve* " we see . , 

ere is did. 

_ . lly str:L 




, Lt. 


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, but we LI t that. ters axe ;ora 

it." _.ow I ■ b I I _xrwar>y 

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, , '- -■ — - ■ ■■ ! ? to ace- life. 

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life can aai will 

-■ life i eve 


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Ld, : - -'--• '.:■"; I'-li^y^ -.11 t .-:t 1 he".p 
?cial j 1st :■"•: ''•>:■! . -v . 11 i;' ..1 I .- .. " ■ 1 ■■" :.•■"_ . ;| 

i.-.-.c:: untrutkSrf 

; . Well, I 

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rt. :; .-.;.; 3 I f ir- -i; ; ' "oll^-v- ^^^r" 

'il if 1 true, lete 

, in cl> a 

t\^^^ m ^^^^^^^^±^_. - 1 ' ■■■- " ._• " '. .'1: ji'.'.^ i _ : 1 * 

irit r." ;:„_u. ./ j—^L2i^L-^ " a '-~--e J - j ■ ', ' ly 

.. _^_,. irit_i^_. ._ er:,i;i^i JtaM _^^l_^L^^viJ : r:re?.l;i~n ; i'r 
::•„ 1:: 1 .i.. .._:_£_■ c :.ll j .. ". a 11 ..r. 

, ''nt I cxi truthful 1;, - 




; Jesus is t Lst, t . 

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' •-•.•/.■ l:'_r_- 1.: Hi , ' mm 

, -j It is written , z- - - : ■"'"■-. -uf is th_g_Qhrist , tLe_J^_af J ^ aM ^ < « t if 

I av; "believe caal life* ia±x±±:dEkix:dcK 


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bo do so, A o& jp 

, •- -— ■■- — f^wa. uilty. 

t week lit; , 

i jjikfc j utg uabelief . 
■■■■' ture t laced in t 

- - 

xs± in 
>lst verse. I suggest that if you 

trust ; re there, i -elf 

believe ah out it. 
(Illust ill 007 and father - fc; 


Here is 


Jut it also a x 

/I ' i- 

jcesGJty of S'j- I 

, ' ile - ve»" 


are a little see - : tical_j^^_jJ^jL~i3£-Jil^L_iZ22^—£^£— jj'ir "-wives « ',»'e c^i^ot 

!...'. lid, :V \ •■ II: 1. - i;\.;L^Jii^LJ;lli3_j_L3J:i t -._. , et it :. .-.,--. H.r ■.■.11 

. . i- :r^r ■. -ritJLa^-JiiL^^^a^^ii."* "3^iieve t:.-v: <T?~us 1 :. f- -.'.„■!. t, 
- ",, :.;. " i;'_; t helievi" ; . ~ 3 life : »." 

Are Y«u ReadY? 
Text: "Then will appear the sign of the Son of man 
in heaven. " 

Triviagaae How many remember Sat. nite and program 
i.'M Barn Dance. 
jst? Uncle Ezra. 
Hoosier HoSshots, Are You Ready Hezzie? 

Are You Heady, names. j, , 

Ready for what? (Illustration of barber) ^ f 

Christ is comiag sure as today as tomorrow, no 

one knows when or wher*. 

Must be prepared, (Illust of Pa. Dutch wife) JT 2. 

Jesus referred to different preparedness, 

24* Matthew - STt**T*~* *f. 3 
i TS 6, wars, etc mever on such a large scale 
'-earthquakes, Fhila, Hawaii, Nicaragua 

-Famines, "Russia, India, Our Country? 
' Kissipppi flood crops, rotting etc. 

Hail Waterloo Iowa 1 ft. deep 
Arizona, blossoms and fruit, 
California only 1/5 tomatoes planted in April 
Our flood here, 
all this is but the beginnimg 

*vs 10 many fall away, has happened hasnCt it? 
' England last fall churches dead almost buried. 
" i because wickedness is multiplied men will 

grow cold" 
Clergymen not concerned because people wallJtmg 
street say believe in God. 

Baptist boys and girls in England from Lynchburg 
2O0 people converted. 

tfvs 1* spread of gospel fantastic. Isn!t this a 
• fulfillment? 

<4a 23-2?, Also a fulfillment in ou* age. 
«. look at false religions sprung up, 
/vs 29, moon and sun darkened, during flood. 
pictures of Jesus in different •mmmm AKffy f 

^Snapp f imagers , 2 3 seconds people dying unsaved. 



3UTTDAY, MAY 20, 1973 

"Revive Tiy work Lord! And nike Thy ser- 
vants bold; 
Convic* or" sin, and work once more as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Th;r work Lord, come now and an- 
swer prsyeaej 

cone in Holy Spirit power, and save men 
everywhere . " 

Oswald J. Smith 

The P.T.P. Singers 

Announo orients 


Solo - Carol Rissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickman 

Hymn 233 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank God for any and 
all who nay have been helped and vie pray 
that the love of Christ Hay endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and bring your friends 
and neighbors. 

ciook ticks off death of unsaved. 

.Story Of Paul and Silas Acts 16 *»« j£"sL£ 
* They spoke the word of the Lord. " ' ■**+** 

V 4 spoken not only tonight hut all week 
% AEE TOT READY? Are Tou Eeady7 -Jf j 
'(Illustration the King Is Coming) ^ 

If you can say without reBervatiens if die tonite 
, b £a to be with Jesus, Tou ready. „„,«,, 
If not if unsure, uncertain, etc, not ready. 

Don't put Off until later ^_ gj^ 

"&T f £ard „Z du£nfplay^ h£n, how heads 


After prayer, special Invitation 
then several verses 


Jail to or ship: give thanks unto the Lofcd 
call upon His name; sake known His deeds among 
the people. 

Call to Confession: The Lord is near to all who 
call upon Hin; to all who call upon Him in %\ h, 
He fulfills the desire of all who fear Hij^; He 
also hears their cry, and saves then. Let us 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have aeecy upon us, 
Christ, have aercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon ua. 
Lord, have aercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Assurance of Pardon I Hearken now unto the com- 
forting assurance of the grace of God, promised 
in the Gospel to all that repent and believe: 
if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just 
to forgive our sins, and to cleanse ua from all 
unrighteousness. Amen. 


"Are You Ready?" 

Text: "Then will appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven." 

I would like to ask those who are over 40 a question to see if you 

can remember a radio program that came on every Saturday evening at 9:00 

I believe and was on for one hour. Can you identify it? The Barn Dance, 

or the National Barn Dance as it was also called. Do you remember the 

master of ceremonies? Uncle Ezra. Well, do you remember the two fellows 

who usually played some rather odd sounding instruments and they were 

named after the midwest statethey came from? The Hoosier Hotshots. 

What did the one fellow always say to the other one before they began to 

play? Are you ready Hexzie. 

Well, I'm asking you tonight, "Are Jou Ready, ^Charles and George, 

Harry, Tom, Betty, Edna, Mary and so on? Are You Ready? Ready for what? 

Well, to be ready means we must be prepared. It is like the Pennsylvania 

—Dutch wife who was told by the doctor that her ailing husband was going t« 

die very shortly, so she could let him do whatever he wanted. 

(Illustration of Pa. Dutch Wife, pg* 338, Anecdotes For All Occasions) 

Mkx This wife was prepared for what was to come later, but in a 

different sense from what I am referring to. Jesua referred to a preparedness 

and let me read you portions of this. It is found in the 24-tt chapter of Matthe 

if you care to follow along, 

vs 6, wars and rumours of wars. What have we seen in the past 25 Or 30 yrs? 

Fightings and wars all over the wwrld. World Warll, the Korean War, India 

and Pakistan. Israel and the Arab nations. The African nations. Red China 

and the Nationalist Chinese, and we have supposedly ended, the most costly 
and longest 

«war we have ever been involved in, in Southeast Asia. 

There are those who would tell us that this has been repeated 

"down through these past 19 centuries. But never on a scale such as this, if 

you care to check. 


And Jesus said there would be faiaines and earthquakes in man? places , and 

ill this is but the beginning of the sufferings. There was a horrible earthqus 
in Nicaragua last year, 'J-'his year Hawaii had a tremor. Therfc was an earth- 
quake in Philadelphia, and there have been many others in places that have 
never had them before. 

Russia was unable to feed the people because their crops were 
poor and so they bought wheat from the United States. India is unable to feed 
her people almost every year and millions starve and die. In our own land 
for the first time in its history that horrible word famine is being bandied 
about. Last fall and early winter the corn could not be harvested in the 
Mid-West because there was so much rain, and so it stood all winter and £m 
rotted. The mighty Missippippi River has overflowed its banks in places 
where it has never flooded to the knowledge of man. Trappers along that 

river who have kept records for over 200 years, have never recorded flooding 

April 13» highest for 35 yrs. 

from the river** In Tennessee there will be no cotton this year, because of 

the flood and I believe it is soy beans that will not be grown there as well. 

On April 30 there was hail in Waterloo Iowa and it accumulated to a depth of 

1 foot, thousands of cattle have died and starved, because of the heavy 

snows and blizzards in the West. ^*22TtJ^J^i 1 *Vi£?4?i- f ff? ° n 
Calif, only % of tomatoes could be*? lanfgd* rees ** A * ri1 ' Als0 ** A P r11 *» 

Ju t last year we had the very horrible flood that messed up quite a 

bit of property in this area. Now are all of these things just flukes of natuj 

or are they mere coincidences? I think they are neither. I believe they are 

the hand of God reaching out into this evil and wicked world and beginning to 

draw things to a close. And this is what Jesus daid, "all this is but the 

beginning ef the sufferings. 


vs. 10, And many shall fall away. Hasn't this happened all across the length 
and breadth of this land, and throughout the world? In England last fall 
my wife and I saw a church that is all but dead and buried. All they need 
to do is to hold the funeral and lock the church doors and it will be settled. 
We saw there what Jesus was saying, "And because wickedness is multiplied, 
most mens love will grow cold. " The clergymen are not concerned with the 
decline of church attendance and membership. After all a goodly portion of 
the people walking the streets of London in a recent poll, profess a belief 
in God. Just because they do not go to church, doesn't mean anything. But 
toes it? Isn't it a fact that we need to worship God, and we need the church 
to contiue to point people toward Christ? 

I just read with interest an article about some Baptist students 
from Lynchburg Virginia, who were in England for a visit, to examine the 
church and more particularly the Church School movement, which by the way is 
also dead. They were able to witness on the streets to people and they came 
home and talked of their experiences. They discovered that over 200 people 
accepted Christ because of these students. If this isn't a sign that people 
are still hungry for spiritual food, I don't know what is. 

vs. 14, the spread of the Gospel in the past several years has been fantastic. 
There are Bibles and tracts being printed right now In Eussian and Chinese 
to be smuggled into those two countries for those who hunger for the Word. 
The Gospel has been preached and the Bible has been taught to almost all 
parts of the world. Isn't this a fulfillment of a portion of this prophecy 
of Jesus? 

vs. 25-2?, We have also seen the fulfillment of this prophecy in our age. 
Look at the false religions that have sprung up. Look at the so called 
Messiahs that have arisen. See the so called charismatic leaders of all 
of the off-shoot religions and pseudo-religions in our nation as well as 
the world. 

vs. 29, rt 'e have sean that the sun has indeed been darkened and the moon 
has not shown. Did you see the sun last year all during the flood and the 

constant rains? Have you seen the sun very much lately, or the moon for 

that matter? I think that we are seeing the signs of the end. 

(Illustration of B. Graham) 
vs. 30a, I think we are also seeing this taking place right now in different 

areas. Here are two pictures taken at different times and at different 

places, (show the Jesus pictures), one in Alabama in 1971, one in Jerusalem 

in 1972, and this one from the flood in Pennsylvania. Now are these Just 

someone's idea of a joke? I had one woman when I preached on this subject 

and shared these pictures with the congregation after the service, tell me 

she thought they were fakes. She said, "My son was an amateur photographer 

and he was able to touch up pictures and this is what happened to these 

pictures. Now if you choose to believe this then be my guest, but as for 

me, I believe that here is actual physical evidence of My Saviour showing 

Himself to me that it will not be too long until He intervenes in this 

world and brings it all to a screeching halt. 

vs. 50b, Hvre we read of the final consummation when the elect will 50 

to be with the lord. I think that we can speculate about all the final 

events, and we can make comparisons of what Paul states and the other 

Apostles, but *ri"Tfc*» what is more important is that we are either ready 

or not. 

(Illusration of King and court jester) 

We are going to take a journey some day and we will be facing 

our Maker. Will we go unprepared, or will we be ready? We dannot say 

that we will wait until we are ready to die, because we may not live 

through this night. We may go at anytime. Some people feel that they will 

be dead before the coming of Christ again, but is this an excuse to let 

salvation slip by us? Whether we die before the second Coming, or whether 

we are physically around to see it and beinvolved in it is immaterial, stimfc 

zxxMKEBx±mpaxkxm± We should be ready foreither event. 

But equally important is that we must share this Good News with 


(Snap fingers, as a n exercise with me. Do you know what you have been 


doing? You have been keeping time with, the clock of death that ticks off 
the death of the unsaved). Each time we snap our fingers, it takes only 
2 or 3 seconds, hut each time we do, someone, somewhere, throughout the 
world has passed away, without being saved. Horrible isn't it, to contemplate 
the death of someone who is not prepared to face God? 

This is the message that God has laid upon my heart to being 
to you, that we can have salvation, and have it today. Not just for the 
time when we are to die, but for all time, mow until that day. 

Remember the story of Paul and Silas, how althoughthey were 

cast in prison, they were chained to the floor of their cell by their hands 

and their feet so they could not get away. Remember how they sang hymns 

like birds in zxxxg iron cage, and how they prayed. But remember also how 

suddenly there was a violent earthquake and the door of their prison was 

thrown open and their chains were broken and they found themselves free 

jien. Did they flee? Did they say, "Gome on, let's get out of here and 

save our necks? N© , they stayed, and they were able to witness to the 

power of Jesus Christ, to a frightened man, the jailor. fimxDoraxtmxtkmir 

gy±±xsdLAJiJutxtgrgKvn<Hxp«atiK^x_tg^rgiad^'rtkaax^gge He asked, "what must I 

do to be saved?" And they answered, Relieve on the Lord Jesus Christ 

and you shall be saved, yeu and your house. " And he was baptized and 

accepted Christ. 

But the secret is, "They spoke the word of the Lord, to 

him. " In other words they witnessed to him even from the filthy, rotten 

evil smelling place of imprisonment. They told him of God's love for him 

a miserable sinner. 

You have heard the word of the Lord, spoken to you not only 
tonight, but every night this week. Tonight we wrap up these services 

and you will again have the opportunity to do something about Christ in 

your life once again. So I ask you, "ARE YOU READY?" "ARE YOU READY 

for either the coming of Jesus Christ into this world for the second time, 

or for your departure from it t hrough death? If you can state without 

any reservations whats sever, that were you to draw your last breath t ©might, 
that you would go to be with Jesus, then you are ready. But, if you have 
reservations, if you are not sure, if you are uncertain, then you are not 

And if we have uncertainty or doubt about our salvation, then we must do 

something about it. We must not rest until we can have the complete 

assurance that is found only in the giving of ourselves to Jesus Christ. 


Saatxy is the time, now is the hour. Don't put it off until a later time, 

for tomorrow may be too late. Jesus, said, take no thought of tomorrow 
but think only of today. 

I am going to ask the organist to pity our closing hymn through 
while we stand with bowed heads in prayer. I am going to ask anyone who 
has not accepted Christ to come forward at this time to ±m make that 
commitment. X am going to ask any and all who may be uncertain as to where 
they stand regarding salvation to come forward also. I am asking anyone 
who feels that he or she has fallen away from the Way of Life, and who 
would like to recommit themselves to Christ to come forward. If you feel 
a littles still small voice inside of you urging you to come forward, don't 
fight it, don't be embarassed we are all your friends and we are bound to- 
gether in the common love of Jesus Christ, 

If you are worried what your friends may think or say, just forget 
these thoughts and come to the Lord. 


Ralph C. Link, Pastor 
Christ Church, Duncannon 9=00 A.M. 
Trinity Church, Hew Bloomfield 10:50 A.M. 


September 9, 1975 

The Organ Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 472 

•The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison; 

Almighty God, who is rich in mercy to 
all who "call to you: hear us as we humbly 
confess our sin and implore your mercy and 
forgiveness. We have broken your laws by 
our deeds and our words. We confess our 
disobedience and ingratitude, our pride 
and selfishness, and all failures and short- 
comings toward you and our fellow man. Have 
nercy on us, Father, that we may enjoy a 
newness of life. Through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 
*The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture II Peter 1:12-21 

•The Gloria Tatri 

The Pastoral Prayer 

Ehe ..mnouncenents 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord's Prayer 

The Hymn of Meditation 290 

The Sermon "Inspired or Inflated?" 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 467 

"The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 


The Consistory will meet on Monday Sept. 10* 
at 7:30 PM. 

The Heidelberg Men's Class will meet on 
Tuesday Sept. US' at 7 = 50 PM. 

Women's Guild will meet on Fri. Sept. 14* 

in the home of Romaine Shearer at 7=3" ™- 
Pearl Lepperd will be the leader. 


SUNDAY, FLAY 20, 1973 

"Revive Thy work Lord! And make Thy ser- 
vants "bold; 
Convict of sin, and work once, more as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Thy work, Lord, cone now and an- 
swer prayer; 

come in Holy Spirit power, and save men 
everywhere . " 

Oswald J, Smith 

The P.T.P. Singers 



Solo - Carol Kissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickman 

Hymn 233 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank (Jod for any and 
all tvho may have he en helped and we pray 
that the love of Christ may endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and bring your friends 
and neighbors. 

Call to Worship: sing to the Lord a new song; 

sing to the Lord all the earth! For great is the 

Lord and greatly to he praised. Honor and majesty 

are before Him; strength and beauty are in His 

. . .actuary. 

Gall to Confession: Come let us reason together 

says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet 

they shall be white as snow; though they are red 

like crimson they shall become like wool. Let us 

confess our sins. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Christ, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Assurance of Pardon: This is the message we have 

heard from Him and proclaim to you,, that G-od is 

light and in Him is no darkness at all. If we 

walk in the light as He is in the light, we have 

fellowship with one another, and the blood of 

. ,-sus His Son cleanses us from all sin. Amen. 

"Inspired Or Inflated?" 

Text: II Peter 1:20,21, "First of all you must understand this, that no 

prophecy of scripture is a matter of one's own 
interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by 
the impulse of man, but men moved by the Holy 
Spirit spoke from God. " 

I once read somewhere that pyschologists and psychiatrists 

could tell much about a person by star not only by what the person reveals 

atoout themselves, but by the sleeping and eating, and reading habits of 

a person. A pyschiatrist or psychologist would not have much fun looking 

at my eating or sleeping habits, but I imagine they would have a field 

day studying my reading habits. I am what would probably be called an 

inveterate late reader. By this I mean that I am almost always reading 

articles and magazines that are several months old. Beside my chair in 

the living room are several back issues of the A comics, waiting patitnely 

until I get around to reading them. 

This past week I was reading a late issue of A.D. the 

church magazine. By late I mean the June issue. I ran into several 

interesting things. First I read the letters to the editor, and there I 
learned that I should have r»ad an article in the April issue, before I 

threw it out. And throw it oui I must have for I have January, February, 

March and Hay, but no April. But nevertheless, the letters were in response 

to an article written by Frederick Buechner entitles, "ABC's of Salvation," 

Two of the letters about this article took the author to 

task for his stand and one supported him. First let us look at the supportiv* 


Read same.#l 

Next let us look at an opposing viewpoint. Read #2. 

We are living through a period that calls our attention to 

the two words found in our sermon title this morning. We speak of people 

being inspired actors or actresses. We speak of people being inspired 

business people. We speak of people being inspired this and inspired that. 

We speak of the word inflation. We see that our money is inflated. Ptices 


everywhere are inflated. We speak of footballs, or basketballs being 
inflated. Thus we mean that it things such as footballs or basketballs are 
filled up, or are inflated with air. 

Thus we could look at our present day and age and how it 
views the Bible and ask whether the Bible is Inspired? Or is it perhaps 
Inflated? Is it from God? Or is it filled with hot air? 

Many people would have us believe the latter. Also in 
the AD issue about which I have been speaking, is an article about a woman 
who has recently been ordained as a minister in the TTCC. She is now an 
associate* pastor of a church in Los Angeles. This woman has changed from 
being a suburban housewife to the ministry later in life. She almost dropped 
out of the church about 25 years ago because of the way the Sunday lessons 
were being taught. She was a teacher and she said she could not bring herself 
to accept things such as God speaking out the burning bush for instance when 
He spoke to Hoses. 

Through the kindness of a minister during the time of the 
death of at a tflo month olfl baby, helped to get her active in the church 
again. But she said she is still fighting the literal interpretation of 
the Bible. Now here we have a woman ^ho is striving to lead people and 
her stand is that it must be proven in order to be believed. 

The author of Hebrews tells us that the Word of God is 
sharper than any two edged sword. We are speaking of a book that has outlived 
by many many years all of the people who have been inspiEed to write it. 
We are talking of a book that has been on the best seller list for more 
years than anyone can count. I believe that it is good to search the 
scriptures and to strive to get at the roots ofl it. But I believe that 
this must be done with understanding and with a real desire to get at what 
God is having put forth. 

On ¥** Friday I went to the hospital to visit one of our 
members and she told me, "I thought you said Billy Graham would be 


preaching from Korea last night? I was diss appointed. I turned it on and 

he was preaching in Atlanta. " 

Now here was a person who believed mo , and had faith that 

what I said was right. Now this is a good example of how we can accept 

what others tell us. Or we can accept what we read in the newspaper, or 

in another book. But vs. there are those who want to question everything 

in the Bible because there are some things that cannot be proven, or cannot 

be shown outright and so must be accepted by faith. Now I am not implying 

that the woman I visited in the hespital does not believe in the Bible, 

because I am sure she does. But what I am striving to show is that it 

Ay T£,- F/f*' /r 

is so very easy to accept what we are told personally tt*«p»"Wfe5t£ we jm* 

. i it nl Mini was writtan so many centuries ago. 


Now the third letter against the article by Mr. Buechner really hits the 

. Read #3 ■ ^ 

issue squarely .^ How anyone could ever write such drivel is beyond anyone's 

s_ wildest comprehension. But you can readily see that this type of thiniing 

is heresy of the highest order. 

It is this type of false analyzing of Scripture that leads 
to the unheard of things going on in churches today. Why bother with God? 
We can do our own thing and we do not need "ffo even believe in God. 
Isn't this the height of ridiculous thinking? 

Then the Rev. Philip Chase closes his letter with what I believe is a 
classic answer to Mr. Buechner. 
Read end of #5. 

Here is the entire gist of the purpose of the entire Bible. 
Creation, man's fall. God's attempts to get man on the right track time 
after time. And then man's refusal to believe and follow God as he should, 
/pll of this loiMki to the necessity for God to send His Son into the world, 
to live, to suffer, to die, and to sxeeesbbkx take our sins upon himself. 
fat> To be resurrected from the dead thus overcoming death and the grave and 
making eternal life possible. This is the purpose and the meaning of the 
/3/Ot-6 . 


This is the reason for its existence. For anyone to say otherwise is sheer 

All ofl this points up very vividly what Peter was talking 
about in the portion of Scripture we read this morning. He said, 


At the back of all that is in the Bible is God and His Holy 
Spirit. Is it INSPIRED or INFLATED? To the liberals, and to these who 
would continue to question it by attacking it, the Bible is inflated. To 
them it is filled with hot air. 

But to the thinking person who trustf'in a Saviour Jesus 
Christ it is Inspired. Xtaostsdc&ia Thank Cod for His inpired word. 


Ralph C. Link, Pastor 
Christ Church, Duncannon 9:00 A.M. 
Trinity Church, Hew Bloomfield 10:50 A.M. 


September 16, 1973 

The Organ Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 19 

•The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Father, we confess, in your presence, 
the sinfulness of our nature, and our short- 
comings and offenses against you. Tou alone 
know how often we have sinned, in wandering 
from your ways, in wasting your gifts, in 
forgetting your love. Have mercy and for- 
give us, Father, for we are truly ashamed 
and sorry for all we have done to displease 
you; through Jesus the Christ. Amen. 
•The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture Job 5:8-27 

•■The Gloria Patri 

The Pastoral Prayer 

The Announcements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord's Prayer 

The Hymn of Meditation 282 

The Sermon "The Continual Quest 1" 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 462 

•The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Postlude 

•Congregation Standi 


Sept. 50» will be the last Sunday to bring 
eye glasses and lens, commerative atamps 
and trading stamps. The boxes for these 
articles are in the back of the church. 

Gall to Worship: -give thanks unto the Lord, for 
He is good: For His' mercy endureth forever. 
Call to Confession: The young man in the New Test amen 
came home and went ' to his father and said, "Father, 
I ve sinned against heaven and before you and am 
no more worthy to he called your son," He sought , 
forgiveness and found it. Let us seek forgiveness j 
of our Father. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Lord, have mercy upon us. ; 

Christ, have mercy upon us.- 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 

Assurance of Pardon: If we confess our sins, He is 
faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and 
cleanse us from all unrighteousness. There is 
therefore, no condemnation for those who are in 
Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh, { 
but according to the spirit. Amen. 



SUNDAY, HAY 20, 1973 

"Revive Thy work Lord! And make Thy ser- 
vants bold; 
Convict of sin, and work once, more as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Thy work, lord, cone now and an- 
swer prayer; 

come in Holy Spirit power, and save men 
everywhere . " 

Oswald J. Smith 

The P.T.P. Singers 

Ann ounc erne nt s 


Solo - Carol Rissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickman 

Hymn 253 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank God for any and 
all who may have been helped and we pray 
that the love of Christ may endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and bring your friends 
and neighbors. 

"The Continual quest!" (j3*f*fj 

Text: Job 5:8,9, "As for me I would seek God, and to God would I commit 
my cause; who does great things and unsearchable , 
marvelous things without number." 

Sandwiched between the book of Obadiah, and Micah in the 
Old Testament is a lovely little book about a man called Jonah. All that 
we really know about Jonah is that he was the son of Amittai. God spoke 
to Jonah and said, "Arise, go to Ninevah, that great city, and cry against 
it; for their wickedness has come up before me." But since Jonah was a 
very independent person, he decided to run away from God, and he dedided to 
go to Tarshish which was in the opposite direction of Ninevah. 

He went to Joppa, paid his fare to go to Tarshish on a 
ship leaving for that port and departed. But God sent a storm upon the 
sea, and it was so great the sailors believed the ship was about to be 
flooded and they would all perish. First, they threw the cargo over- 
board to lighten the load., but still the ship tossed to and fro like a 
cork bobbing in a pan of water. The sailors then prayed to the gods they 
believed in, but even this did not help. 

Now while all of this was happening, Jonah had gone into 
the inner part of the ship and had laid down, and fallen asleep. The 
captain came and found him sleeping and took him to task for being sode so 
uncaring and unfeeling at a time like this. The captain told him to 
pray to his gods, or god, and perhaps his prayers would be answered and 
they all would be saved. 

The sailors were very superstitious men and they cast lots 
to fletermine who had brought this evil upon them. It just so happened 
that the lot fell to Jonah and so they questioned him as to why he w a s 
aboard that vessel, where he came from and so forth. Jonah explained that 
he was a Hebrew and believed in God, and that in fact he was running away 
from his God. This made the sailors more fearful and they asked him what 
they should do to him to calm the sea, and please his god. All the while 


the sea became more and more tempestuos. Jonah told them to throw him 

into the sea because it was due to his disobedience to God that the storm 

had come up. 

They continued to row to reach shore, but were mnable to 

make any progress due to the severity of the storm. So they prayed to 

God to deliver them from the storm and to deliver them from the blood of 

Jonah, and then they tossed him overboard. Immediately the sea became 

calm. The sailors offered a sacrifice to God and made promises to Him. 

God caused to 
Meanwhile, A a large fish kai^come along, tttsaxafatlaw and this fish swallowed 

Jonah. And Jonah was inside this fish for three days and three nights. 

During the time that Jonah was inside the fish, he prayed 
to God. Because of Jonah's prayers and his promise to fulfill the task 
God had given him, God caused the fish to vomit Jonah on the shore. 

God spoke to Jonah a second time and told him to go to 
^inevah. This time Jonah heard what God had to say, and he journeyed to 
Ninevah. The city was so large it took him 5 days to cross it, Jonah 
made a day's journey into the city, and it was here he began to preach. 
He told them that in 40 days, the city was to be destroyed. His preaching 
was so effective that the people of Ninevah repented from their sins and 
proclaimed a fast. They put on sackcloth and sat in ashes. From the 
very greatest to the very least of the people, they repented. Even the 
king was moved by Jonah's words, and he too put on sackcloth and sat in 
the ashes. He sent out a decree that all men and all animals, were not 
to eat or drink anything. In this way they hpped that God would re- 
nounce His fierce anger and not destroy them. 

When God saw that the people of Ninevah were sincere and 
had repented from their evil ways, He changed His mind and decided not 
Sfc " to punish them and destroy them as He had prophecied He would do. 
M When Jonah found this out he became very angry with God and he fell into 
r" te> a^rage^He^prayed to God and he said, "I pray thee Lord, is not this 
whaTr^aidTCread ch, 4:2,3.) A** &Q £>1f /fr[t*£ A 

Jonaii left the city and went to the East of it and sat 
down. Here he made himself a shelter and sat under it to sulk and to 
see what would happen to the city. God arranged for a astanc castor 
oil plant to grow up over Jonah's head to shad# him from the sun and to 
soothe his ill-humor. This plant caused Jonah to be delighted. 

But at dawn the next day God caused a worm to attack the 
plant and it withered and died. God also arranged for a scorching wind 
to blow and the sun beat down on his head, so that he was overcome by 
the heat. He laid down and begged God for death. 
And God answered, ch. 4:10ff. 
Now here the story stops. 

Regardless of how we may accept this story, the fact re- 
mains that it has more than just a little story to tell. There are those 
who would tell us this tale has no place in the Bible, and serves no 
purpose whatsoever. 

But the fact remains that in the 4- short chapters of this 
book, is found the moral lesson of God's love and forgiveness of His 
people if they truly repent and turn to him. We can take this story to 
heart and say that we are all standing in the shoes of Jonah. 
How many times have we tried to evade our responsibilities as servants 
of God? How many times have we tried to escape from the way in whuch 
God wants us to live? And how many times have we ended up just like 
Jonah, caught by our own sins and found out by God? 

Most people know right from wrong and they know what thwy 

should and should not do. Yet all we like sheep have gone astray. We 

have each fallen short of the glory of God. This is the real moral of 

this story. It is to show that with God there is forgiveness, even 

when it appears that the case is hopeless. 

Eliphaz to Job 

This is what -^fe was pointing out An our Scripture for 

this moening. He told hi# fnjanfl^ that God's acts and ways are un- 


searchable. He is stating that we cannot question what God does, be- 
cause GOd knows what He is doing even when His will seems to conflict 
with ours. 

Paul points this out in the 11» chapter of Romans when 
he says, "How unsearchable are His judgements and how inscrutable His 
ways. " 

But what is also being shown in this story is that man 
tries to flee from God and when he comes to himself he returns to God 
because he is compelled to. Yet after returning to God he then begins 
to find fault with God's ways, when God does not act the way man thinks 
He should act. Man becomes angry with God for not doing things the way 
man would like to have them done. But through all of this, God is still 
patiently pursuing the continual quest to redeem man. 

Man really understands the love and the forgiveness of 
God when he is at the bottom. He has no where else to turn and so he 
turns to God. This was Jonah, and this is you and I. We each must 
find that only in God can we have peace and rest. Only in God can we 
find the comfort and solace that make life worthwhile. 
(Illustration of Dr. T. DeVitt Talmage) 



Ralph. C. Link, Pastor 
Christ Church, Dunoannon 9:00 A. II. 

Trinity Church, New Bloomfield 10:50 A.M. 

THE ORDER OF WORSHIP September 30, 1973 


The Or can Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 

"The Call to Worship 

*The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Almighty God our Heavenly Father whose 
power is our protection and whose wisdom 
is our guidance, we come now confessing our 
sins and our repeated failures. We have 
forgotten Thee; we have tried to do without 
Thee; and we have failed. Forgive us we 
pray, for our every error and bring us by 
thy grace into fellowship with thy perfect 
holiness, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 
•The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture S^B^tttT**^? Hfi Tf; /o • 2 f- JJ 

"The Gloria Patri 

The Anthem (Trinity) 

The rastoral Prayer 

The iomouncements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord 1 s Prayer 

The Hynn of Meditation 299 

The Sermon "How Much Are You Worth?" 

The Sermon Prayer 

*The Hymn of Response 594- 

'The Benediction 

•The Threefold ,ujen 

•She Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 


Today at 4:00 PM the Rev. Horace S. Sills 
will be installed as the president; of the 
Fenn Central Conference, at Colonial Park 
United Church of Christ. The church is 
located at 5000 Devonshire Road. 

Next Sunday we will observe World Wide 
Communion Sunday with, the observance of the 
Lord's Supper in both churches. 

Sunday Oct. 14-lt we will observe Harvest 
Home in both churches. Whatever is donated 
will be given to the Sadler Home in Carlisle. 
Although they cannot accept home canned 
goods, home-made jellies and preserves are 
accepted. You may also donate flour or 
sugar and commercially packed goods. 


The consistory meeting will be held Monday 
Oct. 1st at 7: 30 PM. 

6 a^t. 

Gall to Worships Ascribe to the Lord the glory due 
H J s name; bring, tan offering and come before HimJ 
worship the Lord in Holy array; tremble before Him 
ail the earth. 

C*rf2 to Confession: Jesus promised, that where two 
or three are gathered together in His name, He is 
there in the midst of them. Let us seek Him now 
in confession. j 

Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
Christ, have mercy upon us. 
lord, have mercy upon us. 
Lord have mercy upon us. 

Assurance of Pardon: Be comforted now and hear the 
good tidings of the Gospel. If we truly repent of 
our sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, then 
by the authority and in the name of Christ, our sins 
are forgiven according to His promise in the Gospel. 
Believe the Gospel and receive His peace. Amen. 



SUNDAY, HAY 20, 1975 

"Revive Thy work Lord! And make Thy ser- 
vants bold; 
Convict of sin, and work once, more as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Thy work, Lord, cone now and an- 
swer prayer; 

cone in Holy Spirit power, and save nen 
everywhere , " 

Oswald J, Snith 

The P.T.P. Singers 

Announc enent s 


Solo - Carol Rissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickaan 

Hymn 253 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank God for any and 
all who nay have been helped and we pray 
that the love of Christ nay endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and brinj; your friends 
and neighbors. 

"How Much Are You Worth?" »' ,J ifttf£ pOrf/f 

Text: Matthew 10:31, "Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than 

many sparrows." 

n ATJ 

If the question would be asked today in any group in 

our society, "How Much Are You Uorth?", the answers would be many and 

varied. Some people would reach into their pockets or wallets and 

count the amount of money there, and state that they are worth a certain 

amount. Others would begin to total their stock market holdings and 

by figuring how many shares of such and such a stock, would come up 

with a certain figure. Still others would begin to total the amount 

oiff properties they own, and this would constitup their answer as to their 

worth . 

But if I were to ask you the question this morning, what 

would each of kjsxs you say? "How Much Are You Worth?" A good question. 

Jesus talks to his disciples in the 10J£ chapter of Matthew and he is 

giving them specific instructions in how to meet and greet the people 

in the towns to which they are to go. But a portion of what He is 

saying is not instruction, but is information regarding their faith and 

trust in God. He is strongly reassuring them that in all things G-od 

is with them. 

(vs. 28, should not fear death or people who can kill. Fear only those 

who can destroy body and soul.) 
(vs. 29 » The Father knows even the sparrows no matter how numerous they 

may be. If one is lost He knows it.) 
(vs. 30 1 God knows how many hairs are upon your head. In other words He 
knows us intimately.) 

(vs. 31 » 0° not be afraid, you are of more worth than many sparrows ») 
(First he tells the going price of sparrows, and then lets it be known 

that a person is worth much more than that.) 

How viewed by these standards we can come to the conclusion 

that of all of God's creation, man Is something of much more worth and 
value than anything else. This would mean that God cares more about 
the human race than he does for the birds or the animals or anything 
else that He has made. This is a fair assumption to make. 

How if this assumption is correct, then we must ask the 
next question, "Just how much is an individual worth.2" If we jraniii 
want to answer this question fairly we need to determine Just how we 
judge worth. Is it by how high an office a person holds? Is it by how 
much fame a person has gaineed? Is it by how much property or wealth 

an individual has amassed? Naturally we say no. But I often wonder 

if this Is not the case when I read of the passing of people in the 

newspaper. The obituary always reads that he ar belonged tffiefe this "^ 

group or was a past master of that one. He served this club or that 

board. He was the grand wizard of this or that and bo on. 3EEfc Qt it 

will state that Mrs. 3o and So was a member of a certain civic ladies 

group or held the office of Grand Dame of a certain lodge, or a leader 

of a certain garden club or whatever. Judging from these standards it 

would appear that the more clubs and civic organizations you can belong 

to in this life, the better person you are, and the more likelihood you 

will have of entering the kingdom of heaven. 

But mixed in among all of these glorious tributes of men 

and women that one can read in the newspaper on any given evening, you 

will find one or two very small notices that merely say, "Mrs, Sadie 

G-lotz passed away at the Carlisle Hospital, and is survived by a 

son or daughter and so many brothers and sisters and will be buried on 

a certain day of the week from a certain funeral home. From the appwar- 

ance of a notice such as this, it would seem that such a person was not 

of much value or worth. ■— A^ 

O.i- A 

Be read in the, account of ^Se wise woman from Tekoah com- 

ing to King David and having a conversation with him and telling him 


quite frankly ih II SAmuel 14-: 14, that God is no respecter of persons. 
What she is telling David is that everyone is wofcth the same in the 
eyes of God. So we can answer this question partially by saying, 
"That you are worth more than animals or birds or other forms of life, 
but you are not worth anyomore than your neighbor. He counts just as 
much as you in the yjight of God. He may not hold as great a position 
in the business world, but he is loved just as much by God. The most 
common laborer is worth as much to God as is the corporation president." 
(Illustration of Gladstone and dying boy) 

Mr. Gladstone was willing to share with a needy soul, that 
which only he could give at that moment. He was willing to forget his 
station in life and to become humble. This is also what Jesus was implying 
in this Scripture, and what He said at a later time. "He who exalts 
himself shall be humbled, and he who humbles himself shall be exalte . " 
It is not how high up the ladder we are, but how we live and react to 
life around us, no matter what our station. 

George Buttrick a New Testament scholar remarks, "The 
recovery of the sense of man's worth Is in the reverence that first 
acknowledges God and then honors the treasure in a neighbors life." 
This is probably as good an answer to the question that one can come 
up with and it probably arsxEsspiEiK is a complete answer. 

But as always when a question is raised concerning life, 
it must be asked in the light of Jesus. What about Him? What worth 
did he really place on life? What ±x are you worth? in His sight? 

Well if we £©3^wfe him*as the example we see that He was 
born in very humble beginnings. A stable was his birthplace, a manger 
His cradle. He worked for many years is as a common carpenter in an 
obscure village that was looked down upon by many. After all, "Could 
any good come from Nazareth? 

His ministry was launched without financial backing or 



without the endorsement of any religious group. 3ven his own brothers 
and mother thought him mad and sought to take him hack home under their 
protective custody. 

He performed feats of healing and was never paid for any 
of them. He used the allegory that the animals had holes and birds 
had nests, but he did not have a place to sleep. He ate in peoftpe's 
homes, but most often it was in the homes of those people from whom 
others kept their distance. He probably went hungry more than once. 
He was distrusted and people sought to have him arrested for what they 
considered His blashemy. 

At the end of his life he was betrayed by a trusted friend, 
who gained thirty pieces of silver for that bit of work. He was brought 
to a speedy trial and even His trial judge was unable to figure what to 
do with him. He felt he was innocent and yet the crowd clamored for 
his death. So he had him whipped publicly and then fee- had him executed. 

Paul said of Him, xXks± " For your sake He became poor, 
so that by His poverty you might become rich." Now does all of this 

sound like someone of worth? xtoa£EKJEH±fcx±Bxx It would appear that it 

is not the record of much worth. According to the standards of the 

world, a life lived such as the life of Jesus could not be worth much. 

Here was a man who never traveled more than 200 miles from his home, 

A t?AS f#~ ■/"*-"«■* frft.* A/sf &&,# arp/tuS. 
A man who never wrote a book.* A man who never had a formal education. 

A man who never owned any property. A man who never married, never had 

a family. A man who left no great possessions behind. A man who could 

show nothing for his life lived here on earth. 

Why most of us have traveled much, much farther than Him. 

n ost of us could say that we have owned or do own property. Most of us 

can say that we have had education of some sort. Most of us have some 

possessions. i££xsdcx$znmi!£tiDetekm&±S33aaxxi±£a£ What worth then can we 

place upon the life of Jesus, and what is our worth? 


(Illustration of the old violin and the touch of the master's hand.) 
This is the worth of the life of Jesus. Everyone with 

whom He had contact, was touched in some way. Every person that has 

ever come to feel His touch has been changed. Yes, the real worth 

of a person is having been touched by the Master. 

How Much Are Tou Worth? To the world you may not be worth 

anything, because you will be judged by what you have, and what you 

have done. But the words of the Master are still with us, "Fear not, 

therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows." 


SUNDAY, MX 20, 1973 

"Revive Thy work Lord! And make Thy ser- 
vants "bold; 
Convict of sin, and work once, nore as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Thy work, Lord, cone now and an- 
swer prayer; 

come in Holy Spirit power, and save nen 
everywhere . " 

Oswald J. Smith 

The P.T.R. Singers 

Announc ement s 


Solo - Carol Rissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickman 

Hymn 235 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank God for any and 
all who may have been helped and we pray 
that the love of Christ may endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and brin^ your friends 
and neighbors. 

' , " 

, and 

7 . Ls light." I 

■ . 
ercy upon ^us. 

: The Lord re q .4ems the life of 
e of those who take refu .'in 
Hie Lord Is near to the broken- i 
aves the crushed in spirit. Amen. 


Ralph C. Link, Pastor 
Christ Church, Duncartnon 9:00 A.M. 
Trinity Church, New Bloonfield 10:30 A. 11. 


October 28, 197} 


The Organ Prelude 

The Hynn of Praise 

"The Call to Worship 

"The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Lord, Our father , we gobs to you as a 
people who are a part of the community of 
believers. We seek your guidance for we 
know that the Church cannot exist without 
it. Forgive each member of Your Church for 
their individual and corporate sins. Keep 
us true to the commitment of upbuilding the 
Church throughout the world. Keep us from 
the divisions that separate us from others. 
And always keep us steadfast in Your love, 
in Jesus Name. Amen. 
•The Kj-rio 
*The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture Acts 20:17-52 

"The Gloria Fatri 

The anthem (Trinity) 

The Pastoral Prayer 

The Announcements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

■"The Doxology 

"The Offering Prayer and the Lord's Prayer 

The Hymn of Meditation 325 

The Sermon "Feeding The Church I" 

The Sermon Prayer 

*The Hymn of Response 292 

*Tho Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 


*Congregation Stands 


This morning at 10: JO Mr. John Fmig is 
preaching at Newport, This is an opportunity 
for our congregation to hear this young man 
to consider him as the next Pastor. 

Blood donors are still needed to replace 
"blood given to Cheryl Snyder. If you can 
donate blood, please donate at Polyclinic 
Hospital and have the blood credited to 
Cheryl Snyder. 

Bible Study will be hold on Wed. Oct. 31st 
at 7:30 PM in the church in Duncannon. 

Next Sunday the hours of worship will change 
in each church. Trinity 9:00 AM; Christ 
10:30 AM. 


The Men' s Brotherhood will conduct the worship 
at the Kinkora Home on Sunday Nov. 4& at 
2:00 PM. The Woman's Guild will go to the 
home on Nov, 8ft at 6:50 FM to provide 
entertainment for the patients. 


The Youth Fellowship will meet at Keboch 
tonight at 6:30 PM. All of the youth are 
asked to attend this meeting. If you have 
insurance money, please bring it with you. 


All of the youth are 
.„ meeting, 
insurance money, please bring 

Tonight at 7:00 PM the first rehearsal for 
the Community Christmas Cantata will be held 
in Keboch Church. The Cantata will he ^iven 
on Dec. l&i at Keboch Church at 7 : 30 PH. 
All interested singers are asked to join 
this town choir. 


Scripture: Acta 20il7-32 

Sermon Text: Acts 20:28 f 

"Take heed to yourselves and to all the flock , in which the Holy 
Spirit has made you guardians, to feed the church of the Lord 
which He obtained with His own blood." 

The care and feeding of anything, whether it be a person, 
an animal, a plant, or an institution, requires that it have the proper 
food as well as being nurtured and sustained with love and concern. 
This is known in some areas as, "tender loving care." 

In the block of Scripture we read this morning, Paul is 
giving what amounts to a farewell address to the elders at Ephesus. 
He tells of his going to Jerusalem and the likelihood of never return- 
ing. He recounts his service among them, as well as the problems he 
has faced and overcome. But he also tells them of the dangers the 
church will probably face in the future. But woven into the fabric 
of this Scripture is one verse that I want to use as my text for today. 
It is the 28J* verse of this 20fc chapter of Acts, and Paul writes, 

"Take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the Holy 
Spirit has made you guardians, to feed the church of the Lord 
which He obtained with His own blood. " 

Paul is pointing out that they must look to themselves, 
then look to the congregation, and then to look to the church. 

When Paul tells them to, "Take heed to yourselves," he 
is really saying they should be striving to make their lives what they 
should be. All of the foregoing Scripture is not said to merely im- 
press these men, but is to say in effect, "This is what I have done 
while I have been among you, and this is what you now must do on your 
own. I have endured hardships, I have endured privations of all kinds, 
I have had pain of heart and anguish of soul, but I have remained 
faithful to my task. This you must do as well." 


"A woman in New Tork f who "belonged to a labor union, was recently 
fined by the union because she attended her church's worship 
service instead of a union meeting. Both occasions were being 
held at the same hour. When she appealed the case the presiding 
Judge ruled in favor of the union* She had to pay the fine or 
give up her Job." 

This woman was taking heed to herself. She was striving 
to make of her life what it should be. This is one of the hardships 
we face in trying to be Christian in the 20u century. We must con- 
tinually make choices as to whom and what we will serve. Just as 
Paul had to ward off the onslaughts of hostile Jews and Gentiles, so 
we are called upon to ward off the onslaughts of labor unions and the 
many things of the world that would prevent ua from being a part of 
the church* 

As individuals in the church today we face the same 
challenges as those faced by the early Christians, with one basic 
difference. The early Christians were called upon to risk life and 
limb and we are not* Perhaps this is one reason why the average 
member of a congregation is rather lax* 

To be a member is a call to commitment. It is a call 
to a life of service. This means not just being a name on a roll, 
but an active participating member in all ways. It may mean teaching 
a class or leading a discussion. It may mean serving on a board or 
serving tables at a dinner. 'Whatever the task to be done in the 
congregation, it must be performed by people, and people means in- 
dividuals such as you and I. 

This is basically what Paul is saying when he tells 
them to "Take heed to themselves. " He is telling them to take a 
little self-examination of themselves. Self-examination is a 
prerequisite to a life of service. It helps an individual to see 
just where he stands in relation to being a member of the congregation. 



But Paul not only admonished the elders to "take heed 

to themselvesi" but to take heed to "all the flock." The flock 

naturally would be the congregation of believers. This would mean 

to look after their needs both as a group and aa individuals. Too 

often we have a tendency to look upon the other members as just 

people we sit next to on a Sunday morning, and then forget them 

until the next Sunday* We neglect to think of them as people who 

have problems and worries just like us. 

"In a novel about post-war Japan, the story is told of and 
American who saw a taxi turn a corner and run down an old 
man crossing the street. None of the pasaersby went to the 
aid of the old man* only the American, and he yelled at the 
spectators to call an ambulance. Even the police wouldn't 
help j they would only call the proper authorities. The 
American went into a helpless rage and had to be dragged 
from the scene. His Japanese companion later explained to 
him that the Japanese believed that whenever someone saved 
another's life, he became responsible for that person. The 
Japanese, he further explained, were so burdened with cares 
and woes of their own in the post-war world that they could 
not save the lives of others and aid that many more burdens 
to their own.™ 

If our attitude toward others, becomes one of being 
so overwhelmed with our problems and our difficulties, that we 
cannot help others, then we are certainly far from being a Christ- 
ian. To be a Christian and in particular a member of a congregation, 
is to be a servant of others. 

In the Gospel of John we read of the incident where 
Jesus asks Peter if he loves Him. Peter answers that he does. 
Whereby Jesus tells hi*, "Feed my lambs." A second time he asks 
Peter the same question and again Peter answers in the affirmative. 
A second time Jesus tells him, "Tend ray lambs." A third time Jesus 
asks Peter the same question and Peter by this time is rather per- 
turbed, for he replies, "Lord, you know everything, you know that 

I lore Jou. " And again Jesus tells him very simply, "Peed my sheep." 
This is very similar to what Paul is saying to the elders when he 
tells them to, "Peed the church of the Lord." The church is made up 
of all the separate congregations of people, Ifr is not just one 
little building sitting somewhere, hut is instead all of the people 
who profess a belief in Christ. 

Feeding the church of the Lord requires that it have 
the proper food and this would be the Word of God. It requires the 
proper doctrines and beliefs. It requires a concerned and loving 
clergy, and it requires a dedicated and committed laity. Now all 
of this is the ideal, and we know that the ideal is seldom achieved 
in anything. 

liartin Luther found the church to be far less than the 
ideal and thus we had the Reformation. Zwingli, Melanchthon, Calvin, 
Knox and others each found it to be less than the ideal. Each 
sought in his own way to make the church spotless within and with- 

One of the hymns written about the church is entitled, 

"The Church's One Foundation." This hymn was written by Rev. Samuel 

John Stone. Mr. Stone was an Anglican clergyman* 

"He was the pastor of a small city church in London, During the 
day the area had a population of ten thousand, and at night it 
had a population of one hundred fifty, Mr, Stone renovated his 
church largely at his own expense. He opened his church at 
six- thirty In the morning for the crowds of office workers who 
had no place to go between the arrival of commuter trains and 
the opening of offices. 

He wrote the hymn for two reasons. The first was to educate the 
worshipers who recited the Apostle's Creed and had no idea what 
it meant. The second reason was to back up a friend who was in- 
voiced in a controversy that was wracking the Anglican church 
from one end to the other. The controversy was liberalism vs, 
fundamentalism* The original third verse of this hymn is not 
to be found in any hymnals todlay. The reason, the verse was a 



part of the mud-slinging against those who disagreed with his friend. 

The Terse reads t 

'The church shall never perish! Her dear Lord to defend, 
To guide sustain and cherish. Is with her to the end; 
Though there he those that hate her, and false sons in her pale, 
Against or foe or traitor, she ever shall prevail, ' " 

We can read In almost any religious journal or periodical 
the evidence that this controversy Is still with us. The problem of 
liberalism versus fundamentalism is still being discussed and argued 
through out all of the church. 

The feeding of the church very simply, is the feeding of 
Jesus Christ to its people and members. We refer to the church as the 
"Congregation of Believers, or, "An Assembly of God's People,* or 
aj, "A Society of Believers. " Jesus Himself said, "Where two or three 
are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." 
To be gathered together in His name means for the purpose He ordained. 
It ia through the church that the great truths of Christianity are 
preached and proclaimed. The church must have Its fiinctions and 
services just as any other organization. But Its functions must 
never overshadow its real purpose of proclaiming the eternal truth 
Qf Christ. The church must always bear witness to the life, the 
ministry, the death, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is 
what Paul meant by "Feeding the church of the Lord." 

We must look to ourselves as individuals. We must look 
to the flock. We must feed the church of the Lord, Basically all 
three are acts of Care and Feeding. Hay we ever seek to continue 
feeding all three. Through our effort u may we strive to keep the 
church Rtrong and growing, vital and alive. May it ever remain as 
in the immortal words of that familiar hymn, "Like a mighty army 
moves the church of God." 


Ralph C. Link, Pastor 
Trinity Church, New Bloomfield 9=00 A. H. 
Christ Church, Duncannon 10:30 A.M. 


November 11, 1973 

The Organ Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 21 

"The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Almighty God who is rich in mercy to all 
who call to you; hear us as we humbly con- 
fess our Bin and implore your mercy and 
forgiveness. We have broken your laws by 
our deeds and our words. We confess our 
disobedience and ingratitude, our pride and 
selfishness, and all our failures and short- 
comings toward you and our fellow man. Have 
mercy on us, Father, that we may enjoy a 
newness of life. Through Jesus Christ our 
Lord. Amen. 
*The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture I Kings 17:8-16 

•The Gloria Pstri 

The Anthem (Trinity) 

Thu Pastoral Prayer 

The Announcements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Boxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord's Prayer 

The Hyian of Meditation 191 

The Sermon "All Systems Are Go! " 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 289 

•The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

♦The Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 


Bible Study will be held on Wed. Nov. 14-tti 
at 7:30 Pfl in the church in Duncannon. 

Joint Consistory Meeting Wed. Hov. 14* at 
7:30 PH in New Bloomfield. 


During meetings or any other function would 
the person who turns up the heat be respon- 
sible to turn it back. Thank you. 
r/f/.SA f^HT f'-'r' S; Jo. 


The Heidelberg Hen's Class will meet on 
Tues. Nov. 13 M> at 7=30 PH. 

The following people have been placed in 
nomination for the consistory: 
For Elders: 

Erla Haas 

Carol Kissinger 

For Deacon: 

Stuart .mderson 
We need one more candidate for the office 
of Deacon. Volunteers will be accepted. 

X /H> /' 

/ . ■ . - /■ 

: , " L '" is holy 

-:• ' ] - '. bo everlasting to 

■ , ■ [id mercy, not 

', ■ out of love, ' T is 

to those who :• :itent. b i£ 

j upon 
, jy upor. 

■ . 
a us. 
, have 

us . 
ranee >n: "'.' rod 

; over t res- 

He does He cl 3 in 

, He wil] ' . 

■'• ] ' jut in ' - , i 3a Q t 


SUNDAY, MAY 20, 1973 

"Revive Thy work Lord! And Hike Thy ser- 
vants be Id; 
Convic" of sin, and work once more as in 
the days of old. 

Revive Thv work Lord, come now and an- 
swer prayer; 

cone in Holy Spirit power, and save men 
everywhere . " 

Oswald J. Smith 

The P.T.P. Singers 

Announc ement s 


Solo - Carol Rissinger 

Hymns 152, 77 

The Evening Message: Dr. Warren Sickman 

Hymn 233 


We thank everyone who helped to make this 
service possible. We thank &od for any and 
all who nay have been helped and we pray 
that the love of Christ may endure in each 
and every heart. Please plan to attend the 
remaining services and bring your friends 
and neighbors. 

' GO' I " ' 


"Then the wor ' ' . ' " , . ^..repha" 

, dwell there. , 
widow tliere to feed you.' ' 

The 1?" 3r of I ' there are record/ 

'_ Elijah. We shall deal with ~: 'm& 

of t" Lracles t 

Elijah is living beside the brook Cherith a of 

the romised , lly 

commands Elijah to g • L to live t: ire. 

' " :■ '"efiiterrari'sa' 

". iaath is mentioned in 

140 . . n was famous for its production of ". -e. 

produced dye 
The town xas also f-y«BMyr gwyv r^rEr^?r>riff^ T3y-g for which Phoenicia was 

xfiiixknascsDc f am ous . 

b is told by "od that a widow i _ hath would fe 

him and look after him. Elijah is not in the good ' j&tExJci 

ib and 3a±s the I queen Jezebel. So it was very u ' 

Baal worsbJ ;jaeen would look for Elijah in the 

town of Zarephath. 

So Elijah doe. the Lord has commanded, and B out for 

Zarephath, and when he arrives at the ci"; , he sees a wo 

sticks. He calls out to her, "Bring me a little water in a vessel that I 

drink." A.s she went about the task of getting the water, he tells 

her fcs also, "Ering me a morsel of bread in your ha" 

The woman by now recognizer; : an Israelite, 

worshipper of " 1, nd she say° li , " ,-.—_, ord your C ' 

live?, I Mve nothing baked, only a handful of meal in a jar, and a little 

oil in a cruse; and now, T bhering a couple o" 

■e it for myself and my son, that we may eat 5 , " 


The widow was preparing " jal for herself and her son, 

knew that when the meal and the oil were used there was nothing; to 

replace them with. So it me Ln death for her and her son. The 

drought and the famine had hit everyone very hard, and to this woman as 

well as to all of her neighbors life was measured in just a matter of 

"s left until my food runs out and then I an dead, was 

their outlook. 

But '-lijah jolted her out of her dolrums by statir , 

"Pear not; go and do as you have said; but first make me a little cake 

of it and b ins it *° m o, and afterifard make for yourself and your son. 

For thus says the Lord the ? T od of Israel, 'The jar of meal shall not 

pent, a cruse of oil shall not fail until the day that the 

Lord sends rain upon the earth." 

And we read that she did as Elijah had s- , "e : he, and he, 

and her household ate for many days. The jar of meal was not spent, 

neither did the cruse of oil fail, according to the word of lod, which 

spoke by 3 ' j ih.« " 

'.s story we read that lod provides first the 

command to do sometbJ , He -rovides the situation in which to do 

it, and then He provides the solution to the situation. Ls the 

order in which it is "dven in tl ' ory as well as in many others. But, 

I would like to reverse that order and talk about the situation first, 

then the solution then the cam 

■tion in this instance is the widow ru low on 

food and water. lijah comes to her she tells him of her plight, 1 

at fcEK his word. She is willing to trust him all is 

a complete jer to her. Ls willing ' 1th him all b] t she 

chance that what he is saying just may be true. ' lence 

shows to this stranger, what utter " rd to tka personal r 

sfcdBSXxas&cia&xefiS and the needs of 


Id t - 

- wj; ' - 719 Jji-v77*^ — 

~^~ , ' ii>, ■ did t LI in t) 

C ■ ■ ■ .- Bible. 

. Led Lon. le, 

] L ' t . lied a " >n to the Is: ' tes 

Lens, with the p] 

tion to '■'.'- 1 is 

: L _; and i about a planned answer to a - 'lc 


re not %in.lling to he involved in a 

Lor tie solution. 

tion . : " " on 

ourselves to tell , look lad, this is the , 

to lear: " ' r , l<3 let 5od 


ccents clej Lll. 

•ove the . ira of self-will! 

, -ten or control! 
listen, *dian of my soul!" 

It is more of oner of coming to Sod t] 

rler to seek His will for our lives, 

a are to J- we will wait for the ir ion of 

rd, uid merely daydream. This is t] asite of is need 

be a willingness to try to attune our live;: to that of the Lord, 

rive to listen ' s voice as ■ , Ltate, 

k His will daily. ' [hat we must strive for in oi '..ritual 


In the story of the widow and Elij giwes a very 
finite command. land is, ' '.rise, go to Zarephath. ' i you ima ;ine 

•'. he found 


so poor, she only had enough for her id her son for a short time?* 

:.:ids of God, we read several times of a questioning "by the 

^vidual involved. Hoses when he was told to lead the peo_ : L, ''./ho 

me? T can't talk right, better get someone else." Jonah refused to go 

to JTinevsh, "because he believed that Tod would not do as He said." 

The rich young ruler refused to do as Jesus said. These are just a few 

of the examples found of people who had the "what if- disease." Many of us 

have it today. "at if our loved one who is ill, has a fatal 

sickness? What if our finances crumble? What if the world becomes involved 

in another large wax? "./hat if our children do not turn out to be the kind 

of -:- they should be? '/hat if I lose my job? What if what I have done 

is found out? id! whatever it may he cones to bhat is turning my 

stomach, in flip flops, is rattling my composure, speeding up my heartbeats? 

at if? •Aat if? 

in Con 

This is what 3-od wants. He wants people who obey the 

and. Jes '" in the Gospel. His command to the rich you 

Go into all the worl ' , 

ruler was " . ""' Land to his disciples was GO. A His cc 
teach, etc. ^ 

one who came to Hi , 3 SO. 'ith Sod , 7ii.ll Systems are 'GO'" 

ioe sn't want our exc^ jj. He doesn't need, our "What if'S", ' 

- read in the Old Testament many times the expression, 

"Gird up your loins." Nov; what this means is not to prepare for battle 

e people t- at it is a command to be ready to move out at a 

ents notice. Tlje Israelites wore long flowi ■ lents in those days. 

It was almost impossible to run in them. But if the robe was hiked above 

the knees, and the excess of it tucked into the waistband or the 

■ound the waist, the individual was ready to run. He was ready to move 

I . 

1 ' jrise, 50 to Zarephath. Each 


is has 1 larephath. It becc L sr of determining where 
that Zatephath is- 

' .ter tells us: 
"To labor on: spend and be spent, thy joy to do the master's will: 
It is the way the master went; should not the servant trwad it still?" 
Yes, "All systems a^o ' h *"' ! , but it is to go I r?d, 

for the serv ' 


Ralph C. Link, Pastor 
Trinity Church, Hew Bloomfield 9:00 A.M. 
Christ Church, Duncannon 10-;30 A.M. 


November 18, 1973 

The Organ Prelude 

•The Hymn of Praise 19 

•The Call to Worship 

•The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

Father God, we humbly ask forgiveness, 
for we have squandered that which Thou hast 
so graciously given to the sons of men. We 
spread the gift of fertile soil to the winds 
and cause it to be washed into the sea. In 
our greed we pollute the pure water and lakes, 
and streams, and air. We waste fuel and ore 
and use them for evil purposes. We abuse, 
twist, and manipulate our brothers for our 
private ends. We take the gift of Thy Son, 
and His body the Church, and we bend them to 
our desires. Have mercy, most merciful 
Father, and forgive, in His name. Amen. 
•The Kyrie 
•The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture Luke 17:11-19 

•The Gloria Patri 

The Anthem (Trinity) 

The Pastoral Prayer 

The Announcements 

The Receiving of Tithes and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord' s Prayer 

Litany Thank Offering (Trinity) 

The Hymn of Meditation 204 

The Sermon "How's That For Thanks?" 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 595 

•The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Po lude 


Congregational dinner tonight at 6:30 PM. 

The Thank Offering boi^s will be collected, 
after the regular offering. 

The Community Thanksgiving service will be 
held in our church on Wed. Nov. 21st at 
7:30 PM. Rev. Ira L. Lingenf alter will 
preach, Rev.' Larry Hummer will be the 

Mr. Elmer Fry is a patient in the Polyclinic 


Leader - Feed my lambs. 

People - Wo want to help, Lord. 

Leader - Tend my sheeo. 

People - Use our gifts to feed, Lord. 

Leader - Feed my sheeo. 

People - Use us to feed, Lord. 

PRAYER - (Unison) 

Lord, it sears ue to think of people 
hungry- children with tummies growling at 
night; babies who never survive a year; 
adults with lives and bodies stunted from 
lack of proper food. How can it be in a 
world of plenty. We have bread, Lord - 
fresh, sweet smelling chunks of bread filling 
our bodies and tasting so good. Help us to 
share our bread. Lord, please accept our 
gifts of thanks that no one need go hungry. 

r' s That For Than 

Text: Luke 17:17* "Then said Jesus, 'Uere not ten cleansed' re are 

e nine?' " 

(Illustration of 7 year old girl than i for dead father.) 

ist this i£ yoii will pp. the story of the 10 1 

.As Jesus entered a village he was net by these 10 men who 

stood at a distance, and called out to Hi . tst first understand t' 

bo the old Jewish law a leper had to remain apart from other 
people. We r ' :Ns^§L ^ ' ers ^ n ^ e ■'■3- and ] 

rs of Levitieus. For instance in the / t-5 a and 46*-i verses of chapter 14, 

we read: lisease shall wear torn clothes let the 

hair of h.3 3 he " ' loose, and he shall cover his upper lj 
cry, 'Uae] , mclean. ' He shall remain unclean as 

■ase; he is unclean; he si " alone in a habita- 
tion outside the camp." s 

''rom thi- n readily y the 10 men stood at 

nd cried, "Jesus, Master, have mercy on u . ^sus lo 

' r>f ortune and told then, " 1-0 and show your jlvee t 'iests." 

fjj?st because it would fulfill the re snt for 

used. . their action of bo the 

was an outward sign of t ' ' -ess to believe that their 

ould be changed by f the priest. Thie 

a requisite of faith, a willingness to believe tha' 1- 

en. ' ve believed tl ncerity 

uch instructio 

in earnest in ~ ; 3d. 

ther ' le 

'ell on his Xesus' f 

, . -irpris- 1 



Ls ±Kxsat±d23tssd lent in '" id 

.tan, ' t that a man 

Lid tl 

the story of I 1 4 «fl» / 

■he is - iritan and He i 


"-'-- - • i- - •■•' • '• -■"■■■--, ■. ■■ - ■ -■■'■ ^. 

> in t 10 lepe , .1 ^fc«et 

turned to give thanks, . 

toucl " ed ones, 

.sts, or embers of the inner circle. 
Jesu , ' sstion, "''ore not ten 

is no one found to return ' '. . - ~.ise to ' ' '• ._'. i s 
us would have been involved in ; ' i ir 
light "■ ' i "~ ' £ 

I think t 'iicidsn 4 :, ,d bhe incident c r ' - little 
girl, is evidence enough for us to gRBtfeg understand that always, there are 
only a small minority who are willing to stand hack &n 1* loo] what they 

;iven, oks. 

I wond le will ref lee ve been 

blesi 3 natio sople, t" . Ler how 

the fact that kfu] use of 
crisis and how it .^an we will each have to Lfice? I 
- more will moan and groan that things just are too expen 

and ;ive a thought to how fortunate we are to he able to br t we 
can buy, and to know that there are people in the worl- fco bed 

hungry Thanksgivii , >st other nights. 


of us look upon 3-od somewhat like the man wh' to his friend, etc 
"ration of nan and, "What have you done for me lately) 

oiffin&t r gss^f^^f .are asking "w hat have you done for me latel 

The New Testament is punotuptod with shouts of "Thanks be to 1 '. ' The 

word hallelujah could be translated, "hurrah for G-od," or Hurrah" for 

the response 

YaTnweh, as the ancient -Jews c . raise is instinctive in man 

4 A 

to his creator. It is J :, but unfortunately •'_': \ ' "■'•': "I'^ays remembere d. 

"■ Idren to say "Thank You." Yet how often do they witnes 

or hear us saying it? '.'-_! the cy when the; ~-t to cay it« 

The hymn f , a 

fcer, after a war, after a famine, and after . an 

"'any of the victims c ;ue it is a wonder that he hi 

did not become a very bitter and disillusioned and unthankful man. Yet he 

could pen the words, ' " ■ • thank we all our God ' ;■■ " ■ " ' • . ' - 1 id 
- ■ A - , 3 has don e, i ■■•'■ '■ tfc g His world rejoices . 

>ux moth , " a " ■•■ i. ■ - •'.'•' . '"' -- ifts 

— "• \ mc still is ours today.' 1 

(Illustration of tb and effect on Prussian soldiers 

Bow here i ' "ence that the sir God 1 

overcc -ieties of life. This ..Tnouth 

*. fcth Rock, now 

Hwe ir hunter ss There it is enclc 

it '' "" '--•' " tV-t ~ >r '•' ' > 

■ "-'_■' - - iople« it throu. ' ouse ar 

lived in. ' they we ' le tc ./ 

their primitive tools, " " - : 

L€h all of t I difficulties, t ide 

to render thank >ur 


, Lask testion, ' -. 

leed to f al " 
i the Lo: ' ' . 

1, ' its. n 

Jus1 ha1 lo . 

(II] sful patient) 

le of ho'if we treat ?s. 

. k, " .- ■■.-: : .id, lot 

?re ar" ine?" one of 

— ■ ye #*J ._ 

render a tiks for all j«»* Jm' l » c done for ¥$. 

' S T 3?" 

Lb is tl , 

it. '" n s should sut ren Lering 1_i .:. ted. £ 

'-' / son to th:. all of our bl> 

small. Le S us -i - J ij"'" 1 n "z ^ •-"'A ""'■» i-'*ww^W^y /?t*£/S 7~if& ^v/^e 

F**4fT P*T j£L ////" £?frfF'7s/ 



Trinity Church, New Bloomf ield 9:00 A.M. 
Christ Church, Dimcarmon 10:30 A.M. 

There will be a joint consistory meeting 
Sunday December 2nd at 7:30 PM at the church 

THE OEDEH OB WORSHIP November 25, 1973 

in Duncannon. 

The Organ Prelude 


•The Hymn of Praise 50 

•The Call to Worship 

"The Prayer of Confession (Unison) 

The flowers on the altar are in loving 
memory of Earl Powell from Mary Powell and 
the family. 

Eternal God, in whom we live and move and 

have our being, whose face is hidden from us 
by our sins, and whose mercy we forgot in 


the blindness of our hearts; cleanse us, we 
besoech thee, fron all our offenses, and de- 
liver us from proud thoughts and vain desires, 

The flowers on the ctltar are in loving 
memory of Homer Dowdrick from the family. 

that with lowliness and meekness we may draw 

near to thee, confessing our faults, confiding 
in thy grace, and finding in thee our refuge 

P* **?** riFfs-M'- A7rrsi c^**** 

and our strength; through Jesus Christ thy 
Son. Amen. 

CAO& n ...,-,. 

•Hie Kyrie 

"The Assurance of Pardon 

The Scripture Acts 1:1-14 

*The Gloria Patri 

The Anthem (Trinity) 

The Pastoral Prayer 

The Announcements 

The Receiving of TitheR»and Offerings 

•The Doxology 

•The Offering Prayer and the Lord' s Prayer 

The Hymn of Meditation 246 

The Sermon "Mission Possiblel" 

The Sermon Prayer 

•The Hymn of Response 161 

•The Benediction 

•The Threefold Amen 

•The Postlude 

•Congregation Stands 





i " 

' . . ) 







• iEEM 

■ : 





c " ■ 

: ir life 

. G 





i ■ 

' 3." 

[ i 






__ __ 



i 1 A<-Td 

1:8b, fitnesses in Jerusale ' in all 

Judea and to the ; f the earth." 

: little t ' xxxHxy esoih 

tx±2±B3± when the automobile vss&s. be her 

3, dition . 

"ion th " ; ted 
e runni: ■ cente? 

a re iised for trar ; , this real 


ops: ' ;he town was built 

town, 1 r'um-' 

Lll, level. 

re and nore ca , ' on 


;e accr 
Lt, but nusi 

;he crossing, A This took place mostly 

, the rai] 
, ' L s life , .to avoid ] 

Med, but these t ' . Lnally t 

tern and 

bro] as fast as the railroad cou" 

ie far-sighted businessman, he 

"event ' ". -operty that was t 

-ss friends of " -.on 

bee that iched tl " Ian to 

. "Ian was to purchase a piece of pr ad- 

i ' the cro L it. This building would serve 

a pizc£E tea wjumitm tiff --HdTfn t for their o; 


•cline, and th ' of thJ rstion was felt 

line of accidents, the youth abandoned their 
Lng, and roup of men were 
I fellowsha , ' the crossing was soc j cted. 

I * a < the crosi - 
i bhey plotted ;in once again 

unable to stem the nev of thin movement 

] they could do was binue to meet, ■ try 
•■oMem that ' : -:rust upon the . 

of businessmen, con for the safety of 
s of s, went to t Ltioned 

bo do so Lng, but again the w levices were broken, ignored, 
were ineffective. So thi urchase plot of ground 

;her side of the road from the first rescue club, and they formulated 
to stop this new wave of death and destruction. Zootf their effo- 
were rewarded with success and once again t" the crossing s1 

But alas, this new group of men st ' on 

'" . Lghts, t Lie away the quiet hours, thrust upon fct » . Next they 
were holding raffle , Lng suppers a^ddnes±x^dbHDds±]Hg3 rui 
bin- , ignoring their p function. 

Once again the youth &a**&r to notice the laxness of this new 

, - ';an to tte their own plans. r ere driving newer 
■e powerful cars and were eager to try their hand at the dangerous game 

nd cousins and uncles played. But instead of just 
racing one car down the hill and accross the tracks before the arrival of 
train, they now raced two ide hy side, thus increasing the risk 
adding to their sense of accomplishment when they succeeded. 

s before the new group Wi : .'le to overcome the nev; 
is of this group of youth and their efforts were of no ' . 

s ">t another group of concerned citizens came forwa 
Lttee. They too purchased a piece of grou 
two re I ig corners o a the "bmsiness of 

e youth fro sire f- -destruction. 

fchods, of not only standi bhe 

, Is and initj ty and 

proper use of motor vehicles. ' ~>on the proble 

vfcrol, hut , Ln they fell into the trap of inactivity, 

in the situati : of hand. 

Still another group was formed and now there were rescue 
tups on each of )ur corners of the, cro? sing, an ;he new 

L :?ect for h while, but it also fell into the trap of inacti 


"began t r of /trains - 

1 that it was no 1 
■il] r. t rned their attention to iirt 

id of seeking ot . 'our 

1 to ho] ' c fello 

sx ;±v±ti , the real ' ■-■- 

into beis bfcen. 

fell of this never ed. Thj 

, le. 

Id, it . -if the 

le st ' 1 life. 5isfcatsxiK3tencfccxksxjE3cx 

for all ■■ 
'life. I ' his evil inf] 

>e the diff t c 




:<n to th Lr bers ' 
off to 
like, because of 

Lterally, c' 
k how t 
! : le, ' ;hat there i 

"end a 

Ld, in lem 

to the ends . " 

ffec % " ' . 


__ ce for 'ter the be of Jesus 

"'■- ■ ' ntil the e JonstantJ 

' rt to - end to the persecuti b ; 

] Jhristlans, made Christianity s Ligi m in the Holy 

313 A.B. " ' to bring into the 

all x<rho were heathens one day and Christ' lext. 

c that "sd in the name of : .on. 

■eli ;±<M swn from the personal witness of one 

"her, : :.lated by dewree. You were 

■ declared a Christian and did not have h± to do anything to attain it. 

This also placed religion in the hands of the cler 

the; r Ld and what they ' . - ■ ■ ^j f ^he people. 

- the ex it crept into t stem until it became 

■ letely a religion of the clergy, Flartin Luther rebelled 

to reform it, K" '■ion br ak in the system 


it if lool " the church 

.. decli ' ""0 the difference lie . i ones who 

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I to us by our javiour Jesus Christ, 
'"'and be witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and is ria and to the 
f the earth*' 1 This is your task and this is nine. 

it Jerusalem and out there is our Judea and Samaria 
the end of the eart . church is perfect in its witness in any given 
unity or area. astor ,: 'ect in his Jjiursuit of leading his people. 

istor . . eople work' ether to foil" commission. 
• strive to be witnesses in our own Jerusalem?, Judea's, Samaria's 
:ids of | ive us His guidance and blessing. 

Ralph C. Link 
153 Keck Road 
Sarver, Pa. 16055 
(412) 352-1103 

Born: April 9, 1929, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Married: December 15, 1951 
Wife: Shirley Margaret Neill 

Born: December 8, 1930, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Children: Ralph Dale Link, born May 11, 1955, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lloyd Alan Link, born May 28, 1958, Pittsburgh, Pa 
Nancy Lynn Link, born March 15, 1961, Butler, Pa. 


Graduated from Perry High School, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
June 19 4 7 

Lay Ministry School, Penn West Conference of United 
Church of Christ, September 1965 to May 1969 

Commissioned Lay Minister June 1969 

Lancaster Theological Seminary, Lancaster, Pa., 
September 1970 

Graduated from Lancaster Theological Seminary May 197' 

Ordained to Christian Ministry March 10, 1974 


As Lay Minister: short term, 1 month or less in 
various churches 1965 to 1967 

Emlenton Lamartine Charge of United Church of Christ 
1967 to 1969 

Short term in various churches 1970 until Seminary 
entrance July 1970 

July 1970 to December 1973 Student Pastor at Trinity 
Charge, New Bloomfield, Duncannon, Pa., Penn Central 
Conference, United Church of Christ 

December 1973 to present, St. Paul's United Church of 
Christ, Butler, Pa., Penn West Conference, United 
Church of Christ 


Ralph C. Link 

I am the youngest of five children. I was born just prior to 
the onset of the Depression. Our family was very poor. My father 
was an alcoholic and my mother was a very religious person who was 
searching for the Lord. During my childhood she did her best to 
teach me the things of the Lord. Later in life she came to a 
personal relationship with Him. 

I grew up in the Evangelical and Reformed Church where 
salvation by grace alone was not preached nor taught. I knew all 
about Jesus, what He did, how He lived, His miracles, His death 
and resurrection, but I didn't know Him personally. 

My life had many ups and downs and all the while I was 
attending church and striving with my good works to please God. 
At a very low point in my life when we were deeply in debt and my 
wife and three children were all ill, I came to the crossroads. I 
watched a Billy Graham Crusade on television from some distant 
city and the message he preached seemed to be directed right at 
me. I wrestled with making that commitment to Christ, but didn't. 
The next afternoon and evening at work on the 4 to 12 shift I came 
to the conclusion that I needed to make that commitment to Christ. 
It seemed like there was no other choice if life was to have any 
meaning. That night when I came home from work at 1:00 A.M., I 
laid face down on the living room floor and told God that I 
couldn't live my life in my own strength and I accepted the gift 
of salvation from my Savior Jesus Christ. My life has never been 
the same. 

Through several meaningful circumstances I was called by God 
to serve Him in the Christian Ministry and to help spread that 
wonderful message of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus 
Christ. What a wonderful and rewarding time it has been and I 
give Him all the praise for my salvation and the opportunity to 
serve Him. 



Ralph C. Link 

I believe the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments to be 
the inspired inerrant Word of God. I believe the Bible is the 
complete revelation of His will for the salvation of men and it 
is the final authority for the Christian faith and life. 

I believe in one God, who is eternally existent in three 
persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

I believe in the Diety of the Lord Jesus Christ that He is 
true God and true man. I believe that He was born of the 
Virgin Mary, that He lived in sinless life, that He performed 
the miracles recorded in Scripture, that He died on the cross 
as a sacrifice for our sins, that He bodily arose from the 
dead, that He ascended on high where He is at the right had of 
Almighty God as our intercessor. 

I believe in the Holy Spirit and that He comes and indwells 
each believer at the time of conversion. I believe that He 
lives in each believer to lead, to instruct, and to convict so 
that a believe may live a more godly life. 

I believe that through the shed blood of Jesus Christ and 
through His resurrection, this is the only ground for 
justification and salvation for all who receive Him A Lord and 
Savior and to such as receive Him, they are born of the Holy 
Spirit and become children of God. 

I believe water baptism and the Lord's Supper are 
ordinances of the Church but are not means of salvation 

I believe in the personal and premillennial and imminent 
coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I believe in the resurrection of the dead, for the believer 
to resurrection of life and joy with the Lord, for the 
unbeliever to resurrection of judgement and everlasting 
punishment .